Sina Weibo Announces Full Open Display of User “IP Territory” Function

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IT House reported on April 28 that the Weibo administrator released the IP territorial function upgrade announcement this morning.

The announcement stated that Weibo has always been committed to maintaining a healthy and orderly discussion atmosphere and ensuring users’ rights to obtain real and effective information at the first time. In order to reduce bad behaviors such as impersonating the parties involved in hot events, malicious rumors, and rubbing traffic, and to ensure the authenticity and transparency of the disseminated content, the website launched the user’s “IP territorial” function in March this year.

In order to further protect the rights and interests of users and improve the user experience, the website will carry out product upgrades and new functions on April 28 on the basis of the previous ones. The details are as follows:

1. Fully open comments to display the small tail function of IP territorial;


2. Launch the “Personal Homepage Level 1 Page Display IP Territory” function.


Here is the Q&A:

Q1: Can the IP territorial display in the comment area be turned off?

A1: This function is designed to present the real situation to the majority of users more transparently, and cannot be turned on or off by the user .

Q2: Based on what is the IP address of the personal homepage displayed?

A2: Determine the region you belong to based on the IP territorial you recently posted, commented on, and voted for.

Q3: What are the rules for displaying IP territories?

A3: The display rule is that the country is displayed to the province/region, and the foreign country is displayed to the country.

Q4: Why is the positioning inaccurate?

A4: The site only displays the location of the corresponding IP, and does not obtain other information. The location is analyzed according to the operator’s IP information. If you have any questions, you can consult the corresponding operator.


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