SMS to (potential) investors

At this moment, the market is hot, and our products have reached new highs for 5 consecutive weeks (including this week), but I am a little anxious. Our performance comes more from the increase in the valuation of our holdings, rather than the release of performance. Investors are very enthusiastic and trust us very much, especially when they learned that we have a phased closed plan, they may have advanced some subscription plans, but objectively speaking, I don’t think it is a good time to subscribe for our products. It’s just that the valuations of some of the Chinese growth stocks we cover have become less attractive. At the moment, U.S. stocks are also rushing ahead, and the market is filled with an atmosphere of no one waiting. I don’t want investors to make decisions under pressure because of our closed-stage plan, especially investors who hate floating losses. We are only closed-stage. I have confidence in myself and my team. I believe we will make adjustments It’s the day of departure, so please don’t interfere with your judgment because of our choice. Finally, I must point out that the current macro and monetary policies may be the bigger driving force of the stage market, and these are my lack of judgment. I can only give what I can give from the micro perspective we cover. out observation. The next few months will be very critical for us. The financial reporting period of US stocks will follow that of Hong Kong stocks and A-shares, and annual reports will follow quarterly reports. I hope we can get some interesting gains. This is the basis for us to get rid of anxiety. Thanks again for the trust.

$Qinyuan Selection(P000732)$

$Qinyuan Global Selection No. 2 (P001353)$

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