Snail Star A successfully upgraded Synology DSM 7.1-42661

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In the last blog post, the boy dug a hole for himself. This is one reason; there is also a very important reason: after replacing the Colorful SSD solid state drive, due to the sweeping operation, the power was cut off and restarted continuously. , Power off and restart! ! ! Oh, in less than 2 hours, the number of bad sectors in one of the 1T mechanical hard drives that had been in service for 2 years soared from 16 to 533. The main reason was that the power supply was abnormal, and the hard disk I/O error was always reported; Because it is RAID5 of the group, it causes the storage pool to be degraded.

The way to upgrade

Because it was the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, I just gritted my teeth and shivered when I had nothing to do, formatted all 5 hard drives, and started the upgrade of the DSM system of my Snail Star A model, which took 3 hours one after another. , from making a U disk to boot to installation failure and then to infinite restoration after installation and restart, and finally successfully installed.


Here is a general summary of the mistakes that Xiaobai is prone to make when upgrading Synology DSM 7.1-42661.

The conditions for Snail Star to successfully use the U disk to boot

1. You need to disassemble the machine and then find a mechanical hard disk or SSD solid state disk (which can be used to add SSD cache after installation) and connect it to the remaining SATA interface on the motherboard.
2. In the ~grub.cfg~ configuration file, the VID and PID information of the U disk must be filled in correctly.
3. The ~OS Selection~ must be set to ~Windwos 8.x~ in the Snail Starboard BIOS
4. You can set ~DiskIdxMap=0400 SataPortMap=24 SasIdxMap=0~ in the ~grub.cfg~ configuration file in advance to correctly identify the hard disk location.
5. Be patient!

After the process of upgrading the DSM system to version 7.1 this time, I would like to tell friends who have Heiqunhui machines that they must upgrade without losing important data. The new installation method like this will be faster. It is not easy to encounter major problems. In contrast, it is recommended to install a new installation rather than blindly update the old version of the system.

Okay! After a period of experience, let’s talk about the feelings and pits in the experience that are worth avoiding.

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