Snowball Special Issue – Interpretation of the Second Quarterly Report of 2022 Public Funds

In the first half of 2022, the market will be ups and downs, and the performance of the fund will affect the hearts of every Christian. In the fund’s quarterly report, we can see the growth rate of the fund’s net worth, based on which we can judge its ranking performance at different stages; we can see the details of the fund’s investment portfolio, such as investment industries, changes in positions, fund holdings, especially the top ten Heavy holding stocks; you can see the changes in the fund shares; you can see the fund manager’s explanation on the operation of the fund. As a fund investor, only by learning to read the quarterly report of the fund can you uncover the operation of the fund manager and discover the secrets hidden in the quarterly report of the fund.

On the occasion of the intensive release of the second quarterly report of the Fund in 2022, Snowball launched the #2022Fund Second Quarterly Report Interpretation# collection campaign today, which has received active participation from golfers. This issue of Snowball special issue selects 8 good articles, hoping to help your investment fund.

Snowball Special Issue 310 – Interpretation of the second quarterly report of 2022 public funds

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Table of contents:

1. Inventory of public fund data in the first half of 2022 @九龙三儿

Abstract: This article briefly summarizes the performance data of public funds in the first half of 2022. Let’s take a look at which funds have outstanding performance.

2. What are the highlights of the Fund’s report in the first half of 2022? @Yanji Commander

Abstract: Judging from the historical situation in the past, public funds prefer to hide in two types of industries: the prosperity continues to improve, and the performance or valuation ushered in a reversal. At present, the fund’s 2022 second quarter report and the first half report have been basically disclosed. What are the highlights worthy of attention, and what are the inspirations for the cattle base industry in the second half of the year?

3. Stick to the circle of competence: Zhang Kun, Xiao Nan, Jin Zicai, with 0 electricity content! @ pick up three circles

Abstract: Today, the funds of E Fund, Huaan, Harvest, China Merchants, and Wanjia all released their second quarterly reports. Once again, I found that several bigwigs are more conservative about new energy, and they all stick to their own circle of competence.

4. 5000-word analysis of Zhang Kun’s second quarterly report @Researcher Lei Niuniu

Abstract: For ordinary Christians, paying attention to the fund manager’s interviews and researching the fund’s regular reports are the two most important post-investment tasks. Regular reports have become one of the few channels for holders to understand the latest investment trends of fund managers. . Zhang Kun himself should also cherish it very much. Every time he writes a small composition, he writes very seriously, with thousands of words, and every word between the lines reveals sincere communication and profound introspection.

5. Interpretation of the second quarterly report of China Merchants CSI Baijiu Index Fund @ Colorful Yunlong

Abstract: China Merchants CSI Liquor Index Fund (F161725) is an index fund. In other words: If you are optimistic about the liquor industry, but you don’t have the time and energy to study the individual stocks in it, and you don’t want to think about choosing the right time to advance or retreat, then this fund is undoubtedly the most suitable.

6. The quarterly report of the fund hides a lot of investment channels. If you don’t understand it, you will lose money! @Old Siji one

Abstract: Fund products produce 6 regular reports a year, 4 quarterly reports, 1 semi-annual report, and 1 annual report. In fact, there are many investment “doors” hidden in the fund’s regular reports, but many small partners selectively ignore it. If you don’t understand, you will lose money. This article takes the fund of Huaxia Xinghe (519918) as an example to teach you how to easily read the key information in the quarterly report in three simple steps.

7. Paoding Jie Niu Fund’s second quarterly report, what is unique about this fixed income + @Scrambled eggs

Abstract: Fixed income investment, including the popular “fixed income +” in the past two years, is essentially based on bonds, plus other strategies to increase income. Bond investment is more complicated than stocks, and the threshold for ordinary people to invest in bonds is also relatively high. Therefore, it is a good investment strategy to choose products such as funds that invest in bonds and let professional fund managers “survive the fittest”. Taking advantage of the second quarter quarterly report, take Penghua Zhaohua’s one-year holding period mix (009822) as an example to deeply analyze the operation of fixed income + products.

8. I copied my homework, who is the most favored fund by FOF in the second quarter @snail and rabbit

Abstract: FOF funds, as professional institutional investors, their holdings and changes are still of great reference for us to choose funds. Today we will take a look at the holdings of FOF in the second quarter of the representative of institutional investors.

Risk warning: The stocks mentioned in the above article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice. Buying on this basis is at your own risk.

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