Software devours the teacher

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I have been using software to teach children Chinese characters, English, programming, piano.

  • Hong En Literacy, used to teach literacy and reading.
  • khan academy kids for teaching english, math, logic, interpersonal relationships.
  • flowkey, used to teach piano.
  • scratch is used to teach programming.

I have a friend who is a teacher. He said that software has no emotions and cannot replace teachers. Children cannot learn the character and way of doing things from their teachers.

Although there are such congenital defects, I firmly believe that software can eat up many fields of education and benefit more ordinary people.

Rich people have the best educational resources. Children can chat face-to-face with the masters, attend the best school districts, travel abroad every summer, and enter the university through their specialties such as horseback riding and skiing. Software really cannot replace teachers because they have the best teachers for them.

Software gives ordinary people access to the best teachers.

Take Khan academy (kids) for example, it is an educational software for grades 2 and below. Well produced, covering English, Maths, Social Etiquette, Logic. For the same study time, I firmly believe that its educational efficiency is one section higher than that of a real teacher. It is a pity that no one has written a paper on comparison.

There are a large number of foreign teachers and all-English schools in first-tier cities, but second- and third-tier cities do not have such good conditions. Students can learn English through italki as well.

Secondly, the software has pulled many fields of high spring and white snow from the altar and flew into the homes of ordinary people.

Take the piano as an example, a piano lesson in Shanghai costs 250-400 yuan, but the lifetime license of the software is only 3,000 yuan. The software can’t do face-to-face master guidance, but he can quickly reach the average level.

The software is on call 24 hours a day, and children can take it to school when they want to learn, and go to school when they want to study.

Good software is eating the world. People can learn MIT’s computer courses and Carnegie Mellon’s database courses through software. In the future, education will still serve as a talent filter, but its importance will become less and less.

I believe that software will give civilians more opportunities in a low-cost way.

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