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Hai Long and I are not very close – since about ten years ago I deliberately kept my distance from people. Running a small shop that is more of a parlor than a café, my job is to connect with people. Acquaintance, acquaintance, estrangement, long-term separation, this seems to be a routine process. After all, everyone has a specific stage when they are more free to visit cafes, but they will always have no time to patronize because of the end of this stage. I have never been as ecstatic as people say, and I always have emotional ups and downs because of gatherings and partings. This makes me distressed and affects my life and work. I think that keeping a distance from anyone is a solution.

So when I was depressed yesterday because Hai Long was about to leave his hometown, I was also very surprised. Perhaps, my self-analysis is because there are too many new faces in the store who are destined to only see each other recently, which makes me panic. After all, Hai Long and I don’t have much in common except for occasional chats about his idea of ​​​​opening a bookstore. On the way home, though, I reassured that the new faces didn’t explain the whole story, and there was a palpable parting sadness in my emotions. This also verifies a sentence-time changes everything. Although I have deliberately kept a distance from people, but like Hai Long, who has to see him for 360 days every 365 days a year, if he still says that this is just my guest, it is difficult to really convince himself.

Thinking about these years, I have actually gathered some friends who regard the freeze frame as a lounge. These friends often gather in the store to discuss local, foreign, and various cafes—some machines are good but the beans are not good, some beans are okay but the taste is unacceptable, and some are okay in all aspects but It’s hard to accept a bit of arrogance… Although the conclusion is not clear, but if I don’t misunderstand, the implication is very good. Of course, I don’t deny that my own is good, but no matter what aspect, there are countless shops that are better than the fixed frame. It’s just a fluke, but fortunately, my friends like the slight difference in the freeze frame; I hope that this difference can be implemented well.

In the end, let’s talk a little more easily. I asked chatGPT, what would you say when a friend travels far away, and it replied: “Have a safe journey and take care!” Don’t learn from me, and ask your own heart what you should say to your friends Not chatGPT. But I agree with its answer. Friends traveling far from home, take care.


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