Sony, Nikon, Adobe, Intel and others set new standards for video image fraud

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 Titanium Media app news on April 18, according to Nikkei Asia report, Adobe (ADBE.O), Microsoft , Intel and Twitter (TWTR.N), as well as Japanese camera makers Sony and Nikon, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and ARM is working on a new standard to ensure that images and videos shared online are authentic. C2PA, a consortium of these companies that is developing software designed to work with anyone showing evidence of tampering, will reach out to more social media platforms such as YouTube to get as many institutions as possible to join the consortium. According to technical standards being developed by the consortium, data about the "source" of images and videos is "cryptographically bound" to the content, making it possible to detect any information that has been tampered with. (Source: Sina Finance)

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