South Korea will launch its self-developed rocket World again today

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Pinwan, June 21, according to Jiemian News, the Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communications of Korea and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute will launch the self-developed launch vehicle “World” for the second time on the afternoon of the 21st.

The goal of the launch is to put the artificial satellite into a 700-kilometer sun-synchronous orbit and make the satellite orbit the earth stably at a speed of 7.5 kilometers per second. World’s first launch last October fell short of its goal. If the second launch is successful, it will be the first time that South Korea uses a self-developed carrier rocket to launch a self-developed artificial satellite, becoming the seventh country in the world to have the ability to launch an independent satellite.

“World” was originally scheduled to launch on June 15, but the launch was delayed by a day due to strong winds. After that, due to abnormal data, the launch plan originally scheduled for the 16th was postponed again.

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