“Specialized, Specialized and New” SME Development Policy Orientation (Report attached)

Conceptual connotation

“Specialized, refined and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises: small and medium-sized enterprises that follow the development path of “specialization, refinement, specialization, and innovation”.

Specialization: Specialization. From the perspective of development strategy, the enterprise has professional technology and professional team, and is more focused on the core business; from the perspective of production, the enterprise manufactures products with special purposes through specialized production, or serves specialized market groups.

Refinement: refined. Enterprises adopt refined production, refined management and refined services, or provide customers with lean products or services through sophisticated technical processes and manufacturing processes.

Special: specialization. Appearance features, technical features, functional features, etc. of products or services refer to those developed and produced using unique processes, technologies, formulas or special raw materials, with regional features or special functions; or for specific objects.

New: Innovative. It covers the whole process of enterprise innovation, including technological innovation, management innovation, business model innovation, etc.

important opportunity

1. The strategy of manufacturing a strong country further enhances the strategic position of “specialized, specialized, and innovative” SMEs in the national economy; 2. The supply-side structural reform brings policy opportunities for the development of “specialized, specialized, innovative” SMEs; 3. “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” The strategy lays a solid foundation for the transformation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises of “specialization, precision and innovation”; 4. The national innovation and development strategy injects strong power support for the acceleration of small and medium-sized enterprises of “specialization, precision and innovation”; 6. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, more emphasis was placed on the development of “specialized, specialized, and new” SMEs.

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