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It has been almost half a year since I came to the head office in Shanghai, and the feeling of working in this half year is still quite different from that of the branch.

Colleagues in Jiaxing branch have relatively loose working conditions. They check in every day, go to and from get off work on time, and fish whenever they can. Anyway, their ability to create opportunities and time is indeed not as high as that of colleagues in the head office. I don’t belittle this state of work, but it’s hard to appreciate it.

It may be related to the fact that you have started a business yourself, and you will unconsciously bring your role into the entrepreneur at work. For example, during the Dragon Boat Festival and weekends this year, I basically work overtime, otherwise I basically go to the customer’s house or store. If you do the decoration yourself, there are no so-called holidays. When the customer is resting, it is also the time when you go to work.

A state like mine is common in the head office. First of all, the salary must be in place. Several colleagues in our engineering department have an average annual salary of almost 15W or more, not counting other benefits. Secondly, personal autonomy is still relatively high. Although there are general disadvantages of large companies in the procedure, as long as you are willing to create, the company is still very decentralized.

The so-called people who are close to Zhu are red, and those who are close to ink are black.

Research has found that our personalities tend to be close to the average of the 5 closest people in our lives. Whoever you are closest to, the more you live your life. If you’re surrounded by slackers, weaklings, and excuse-making people, you’re inevitably going to be one of those people.

So spend more time with positive, successful people. Their attitudes and habits towards success will slowly affect you and you will become more and more successful.

Whether it’s success, health, happiness, or increasing income or losing weight, this truth applies.

If most of your friends are positive and optimistic, you will naturally be like that; if all your friends are successful people with high annual salaries, even if your income is far below this level, you will be rejected by them Attracted by ideas and wanting to learn their way to success.

On the contrary, if the people around you like to complain about life, you are likely to become pessimistic and misanthropic; if your friend is not eager to improve his life and is in financial crisis, then don’t expect him to inspire you to become Better.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the world who want to be motivated and always get hit by the people around them, especially when their own family members do so.

You have to be strong and make sure you don’t spend too much time with them because they don’t encourage you to be your best version.

Look for people who believe in you, admire you, and can help you achieve your dreams in life. You must actively seek out such partners and change your social circle.

There is an idiom in China called “Misfortunes do not come singly”, in fact, the same is true of mediocrity. Don’t let other people’s fears, insecurities, and false beliefs affect your life.

You must commit to yourself:

Always take the initiative to improve your social circle, and keep looking for those noble people who can create value for your life and stimulate your potential.

Of course, you also have to work hard to be someone else’s nobleman.

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