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The college entrance examination is over, no matter what the grades are, candidates can temporarily breathe a sigh of relief. And coming to the longest summer vacation in a student’s career, games may accompany us a lot during this time. Compared with the replacement of computers, the replacement of peripheral products can also bring about a substantial improvement in the gaming experience, and the cost is not high and the new generation upgrade is not large. If you don’t know what kind of computer you want to replace, or are still waiting for a new product, you might as well take this time to set up the external settings first.

Generally speaking, a suitable keyboard can handle all games. The mouse is different. In the face of different types of games, the mouse does not have complete versatility. Therefore, I will start from the types of games, and bring a basic idea of ​​selecting a mouse for friends who have just gone through the exam (and who don’t know where to start picking a mouse).

Why choose a mouse based on the type of game

The operation of computer games is mostly completed by the keyboard and mouse, and different games have different requirements for the way and frequency of keyboard and mouse operations. Correspondingly, it also affects the importance of each parameter of the mouse. If your preferred game type is very obvious, choosing a suitable mouse can greatly improve the gaming experience.

A mouse has different attributes such as size, weight, shape, number of buttons, engine model, etc. In a previous article on the Northern Owl’s gaming mouse , he highlighted the impact of sensor and weight — in fact, not all gamers should consider these factors in the first place. If you just read video novels or play casual games, any peripherals can meet your needs, and some types require the operator to have sufficient accuracy and speed. If you want to play comfortably and follow, you need to externally Let’s make a request.

We usually talk about games, and we talk about the game names such as “Alliance”, “Dota”, or “Chicken Eater” and “Pai Pai”, but when we want to chat by category, we have to bring out their “scientific names”. Let’s start with a type that seems a bit old now, but really makes players start to pay attention to peripheral selection –

real-time strategy RTS

Ten to twenty years ago, games such as “StarCraft” and “Warcraft” were very popular, and because of their extremely successful e-sports, many scenes in the game were brought to the players’ eyes, allowing players to intuitively. I saw the improvement brought by the game-specific mouse and keyboard to the game experience, which led to the development of the game keyboard and mouse and the spread among the player groups.

In this type of game, you will play the strategizing commander, who needs to control the base industry, increase the population, snatch map resources, and form formations and deployments for the soldiers to win the final victory. With the development of the times, RTS games are no longer as brilliant as they used to be, but their requirements for peripherals are very unique. Here is a comparison and introduction.

Such games require a lot of high-speed keyboard and mouse operations, and the hand speed of professional players can reach 200-300 APM. You’ll also see these pro gamers’ peripherals usually look like this: use the cheapest membrane keyboard, replace it when the feel deteriorates, and throw it away in a few weeks; use the smallest and lightest mouse you can find, In exchange for greater range of motion and speed.

Multiplayer Online Tactical Arena MOBA


The above-mentioned “League of Legends” and “Dota” are representatives of this type of game. What they have in common is that the map is divided into upper, middle and lower roads, and the game characters include multiple heroes, each with one or more fixed tactical positions. There are defensive towers of all camps on the three roads. Players fight against the opponent’s heroes, push the towers, and destroy the crystal near the enemy’s resurrection pool.

The requirements for APM in this type of game are not as high as that for RTS, so the requirements for mouse size and weight can be slightly relaxed, but MOBA games have slightly higher requirements for engine accuracy than fast.

1st/3rd person shooter FPS/TPS


Putting these two together is because they are both “shooting games”. FPS is first-person shooter, TPS is third-person shooter, the difference is the player’s perspective. The representative of FPS is naturally a traditional shooting game such as CS:GO, which adopts the first person; and the representative of TPS is “PUBG Mobile”, which includes a third-person mode that can see the back of the characters.

Shooting games have the highest engine accuracy requirements, whether in first-person or third-person. Logitech’s famous G502 has actually caught up with the explosion of shooting games: in the era when the engine has not yet reached the current level of overdevelopment, the PMW3366 on the G502 allows professional brothers and ordinary players to experience for the first time what is “flawless”. tracking”—though it later brought more problems. Early shooting game players will use IO 1.1 and IE 3.0 produced by Microsoft. Although their molds are classic, but technology and the background of the times determine that there are very few choices, and now there is no need to nostalgic this.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing MMORPG


The Chinese name for this type of game is “massively multiplayer online role-playing game”. The more well-known ones are the “World of Warcraft”, “Final Fantasy 14” and “The Division” series. They all play the game’s storyline, do tasks, and type books by playing a certain role. Usually such games have a considerable degree of “liver” loss. If it is not a friend who has several livers on his body, play with caution.

Compared with the previous games, it has much lower requirements for the accuracy of mouse positioning, but these games often have a lot of skills to be released, and there is a considerable burden on the left hand on the keyboard, which often causes the fingers of the left hand. fight situation.

How to choose the right mouse

Whether it is a shooting game, MOBA or MMORPG, the function of the mouse is to change the perspective or point to the skills/firearms. So how do we choose the right mouse? Here we must first make a clear point, that is, “not to let the mouse adapt to your hand, but to let your hand adapt to your mouse”. There is no mouse that can fit your hand 100%, only by changing the grip of your hand to a certain extent to adapt to the shape of the mouse.

Determine the grip

Then the first task is to determine the grip. Regarding the grip position, you can refer to this article by the owl teacher, which explains in detail how to determine and choose your own mouse grip position. However, the grip is not absolute, the three basic grips will also be mixed with each other, and the grip will also switch in actual use, just take care of the one you use the most.


Taking CSGO player s1mple as an example, his little finger and the thumb on the other side are in a bent state, which is biased towards what we call a “grasping” hand shape, but the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger are in a “squatting grip” state. This kind of grip not only ensures the stability of the mouse in the hand, but also takes into account the quick response of “scope aiming” and “shooting”. Likewise, despite being one of the most successful esports players in history, we don’t need to copy his grip.

Find the main game type

Since it is a game, can a mouse be able to complete the operation of various games? In my opinion the answer is no. One mouse can of course do all the games, but for the best experience you need your gaming mouse to have some proprietary attributes. In the previous article, we discussed the operating and mouse requirements of some game types. If you have a clear main game type, or the games you clearly want to experience now focus on a certain type, the next selection needs to be tilted towards the needs of this type.

The mouse is roughly divided into two categories: “ergonomic mouse” and “symmetric mouse”. As the name suggests, an ergonomic mouse will fit the palm better, and a symmetrical mouse is left-right symmetrical. (Right-handed) A major feature of the ergonomic mouse is that the right side of the mouse is protruding and the left side is adducted. The direct result of this shape is that the distance between the upper and lower foot stickers of the mouse is not an isometric shape. This also directly leads to the different starting friction when the mouse moves left and right laterally and up and down. The impact is relatively small, but it is not non-existent, which makes me, as an FPS player, always have a psychological barrier to overcome. So in the FPS game category, I recommend a symmetrical mouse, which can reduce this factor to a minimum. Due to the development of the mouse engine, as long as the mouse you purchased was not released three years ago, you will generally not encounter positioning problems. FPS and TPS Because they have higher requirements for the mouse engine, if you want to avoid these problems from the beginning, it is best to put the mouse engine in the first place. For details, please refer to the two articles on 618 mouse recommendation and game mouse screening .

Next is an MMORPG that requires less mouse precision. It can also be subdivided into two categories, one is an MMORPG that only requires mouse clicks and keyboard clicks to release skills, such as “Final Fantasy 14”. This kind of game does not need to move the mouse too vigorously, but due to too many skills, the left-hand keyboard may not be able to press at all, then we can click on the mouse. There is a type of mouse that we dubly call a “phone mouse” because it has a large number of mappable buttons on the side of the mouse, just like a phone dial. Representative mice include Razer’s Naga series and Logitech’s G604. With the side buttons on the mouse, you don’t have to mess around when releasing skills. The other type is MMORPG games that incorporate shooting elements represented by the “The Division” series. This type of game does not have any special requirements for the release of skills, so you can directly refer to FPS/TPS to select a mouse.


Finally, let’s talk about MOBA games. I would recommend an ergonomic mouse for this type of game, for only one reason, that is, it is less prone to fatigue. Games also require a large amount of mouse movement, but the movement is not as precise as in FPS games, but may move more frequently than in FPS games. Furthermore, the number of mouse clicks in MOBA games will be greatly increased. Using an ergonomic mouse can make it easier to click and move more forcefully, significantly reducing hand fatigue. But if your APM is very high, or you’re an RTS player, you can also try a smaller, symmetrical mouse to trade some comfort for more flexibility.

Today’s Trends: Wireless and Lightweight

With the development of game peripherals today, wireless has become a major trend in the industry. The idea that “wireless latency is higher than wired” has been shattered with the development of technology. Logitech’s Lightspeed and Razer’s Hyperspeed technologies both bring the latency of wireless connections down to the level of wired connections, or better. The wire dragging phenomenon of the wired mouse has become the main factor affecting the feel. Although the wired mouse has also optimized the wire and achieved a similar feeling to the wireless, it is still not perfect. At this time, the “freedom” of the wireless mouse has become the reason why many players choose it. I use a wireless mouse myself – the HyperX wireless spinner should be the first wireless mouse that Kingston sold after selling its peripherals department to HP.


The representative manufacturer of the hole-opening mouse is the famous Finalmouse in recent years, and the direct reason for the hole-opening is to reduce the weight of the mouse. Many people have a misunderstanding that “the heavier the mouse, the more stable the shot.” At present, most of the gaming mice on the market are sensors of the original phase, and the current sensors of the original phase have been able to reflect the player’s hand movements almost 1:1. Whether the pressure gun is stable or not is more related to DPI (dots per inch) and eDPI (effective DPI, the product of in-game sensitivity and mouse DPI).

The lower the DPI, the more difficult it is to reflect the subtle shaking of the hand in the game, so as to achieve a “stable” operation on the senses. The heavy mouse achieves this by reducing the flexibility, that is, reducing the physical movement distance. Jitter can be erased because it is difficult to move; at the same time, it can also make it difficult to perform detailed operations, such as high-speed gun throws and quick turns. The heavier the mouse, the greater the horizontal force required to start and stop, and the greater the burden on the wrist. In severe cases, it may lead to diseases such as carpal tunnel inflammation.

For example, the famous heavy mouse Logitech G502 adopts a multi-shortcut design, high-end mouse engine and ergonomic design. In 2014, Logitech tried to squeeze everything into this mouse to meet various needs such as office games. However, with the rapid development of gaming mouse engines, when professional players found that they no longer needed to be forced to choose this mouse for precision, they left the big man one after another.

With the popularity of “Fortress Night” and “Apex Legends”, a large number of games that require three-dimensional vision to pull guns and throw guns, lightweight has become another important trend in mouse development in recent years. After the mouse is lightweight, it can better allow players with sufficient accuracy and detailed operation to fully reflect their hand movements in the game. And opening is a very simple answer in the “lightweight” wave. Since the mouse is heavy, let us take part of the mouse body to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

However, opening the hole will inevitably make the mouse look unsightly, so manufacturers have begun to study non-hole lightweight solutions. Logitech was the first to launch a non-porous lightweight mouse, and a generation of famous mice, GPW, came out. Then Razer followed suit and launched the Viper series, which is almost invincible on the market. Major manufacturers have also gradually joined the lightweight force. Owl’s MM710 is also a member of this unit. The German manufacturer Ice Leopard has also created its own lightweight solution – internal openings. In short, peripheral manufacturers do their best to make the mouse “weight loss” from structure to material, creating a golden age of lightweight.

write at the end

The main purpose of this article is to provide you with an idea for choosing a mouse, so that you can quickly locate your needs in the vast sea of ​​peripherals. Finally, let me simply recommend a few mice. During the 618 event, most of the products are at a good price stage.

The first is a mouse for FPS games. At the same time, there are many mice that are lightweight and symmetrical, especially in this era of excessive mouse performance, there are many brands and models to choose from. According to my personal use and the current discount ratio, the GPW of the Taobao Logitech G official flagship store (currently a good price of 399), the Razer Viper Generation Ultimate Edition of the Jingdong-owned Razer official flagship store (currently a good price of 499, with charging base).

Next up is the mouse for MMORPG games. As mentioned above, I would recommend the “Phone Mouse”. The dial-like buttons on the side make the release of skills much more convenient and faster. At present, in’s self-operated Razer flagship store, Naga Van Snake currently has a good price of 549 yuan; in’s self-operated Logitech flagship store, G604 has a good price of as low as 399 yuan.

Finally, for RTS and MOBA mice, I would personally recommend Xtrfy M4. There are several reasons. First of all, this mouse is an ergonomic mouse, which can fit the palm almost perfectly, and will not make the hand feel fatigued quickly; secondly, although it is a wired mouse, it uses almost insensitive wires, and the experience is very different from that of a wireless mouse. Micro; Finally, it is a special lightweight mouse with a hole, the extremely light weight will not bring burden to the wrist, reducing the chance of carpal tunnel inflammation. At present, the official flagship store of Jingdong Xtrfy has a good price of 399 yuan.

So, I wish you can choose the mouse you are satisfied with according to your own situation, and have a happy summer vacation!

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