Still life of five apricots

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Adriaen Coorte was a small and unpretentious still life painter during the Dutch Golden Age. All of his works have the same simple layout: some fruit, vegetable or nut on a light stone table top against a black background. You may remember his work Strawberry, which we have shown in the past (see our archive for details). In this work, Kurt painted five apricots, which looked velvety and tactile. Between the fruits, there is also a twig of an apricot tree. He highlighted the edges of the crumpled leaves with small white brushstrokes. The artist, as always, has his signature on the edge of the table.

Thanks to the Mauritshuis Gallery in The Hague for sharing this work with us today.

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23.5 x 30 cm

Dutch Golden Age Paintings

Mauritshuis, The Hague

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