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The topic of this issue is: Degrees of Freedom.

From the time I wrote this word, I realized that I couldn’t explain its concept clearly, so I could only try to attract others.

How much freedom should we give them based on our own observations of young children? A young child, how much they know, how much we teach them, how much they teach, how much they really understand, and how much we think they understand.

What is the upper and lower limit of this degree. For example, can a three-year-old go to the toilet by himself? How high can you go. Can I watch TV? How long can I watch it? How far do we think they should be. If it doesn’t meet our expectations, it’s their problem, or our degree of freedom setting.

In this way, when we communicate with others, how much hope and how much expectation should we have? If there is a problem with the communication, is it the other party’s problem or ours?

upper and lower limits

One of the interesting things about Chinese is that the meaning that every word, even every word, can carry cannot be understood only literally, and even how deeply understood can represent a person’s attitude towards history. We typed the words “Chen Kaige” today. Maybe you understand that this is a person who occasionally participates in some director-type programs, but some people may understand that this is the director of “Farewell My Concubine”, and maybe some people know that he also directed Acheng’s “King of Children”, the smoking scene at the beginning, can also be regarded as the top audio-visual scheduling of Chinese movies.

In this way, our definition of the three words “Chen Kaige” seems to be different for everyone. With these definitions, and then look at what he said, some words are understandable, and some people do not understand why. The degrees of freedom in our understanding of these three words may not be the same.

This time, I’ll use another word to describe it, such as upper and lower bounds, or, range? Or, forbearance? Or, wisdom?

There was an unjust case at this year’s World Track and Field Championships. In the 110-meter high hurdles final, Devon Allen, the most vocal gold medalist, was disqualified because of the first run. Regarding the rush, the excerpts are as follows:

A long time ago, it was up to the referee to decide whether to grab a run or not. The referee said that if you snatch away you are considered a snatch. Later, the World Athletics Federation believed that the subjective factors of such operations were too large, and it was necessary to set up rigid conditions to be judged by instruments, which was more objective. Therefore, since the 1990s, there have been hard indicators for the front running. The target set at the time was 0.1 seconds (100 microseconds), which was considered the lower limit of human response at the time. That is to say, it takes at least 0.1 second from the starting gun to the time when the running aid can sense the force. If the induction force is faster than 0.1 seconds, it is a preemptive run. At the beginning of the implementation of this standard, there was no problem. Because most of the starting times measured at that time were around 120 microseconds, which was still 20 microseconds away from 100 microseconds. A start time of less than 100 microseconds is basically a steal. However, since 2015, the measured starting times of the World Series have begun to move downward, and more and more people are lower than 115 microseconds, 110 microseconds or even lower than 110 microseconds. For example, Devon Allen, the protagonist of this unjust case. His start time in the preliminaries was 101 microseconds, just one microsecond (one thousandth of a second) more than the stipulated lead. And the lead time he was called off in the final was 99 microseconds (0.099 seconds), just one microsecond less than the stipulated lead time. It is the difference of only one thousandth of a second (one microsecond). One more microsecond does not lead to a preemptive run, and one microsecond less is a preemptive run. The two starts are only 2 microseconds apart. The reliability of this so-called lower response limit of 0.1 seconds is seriously questionable.

Video playback, it is completely impossible to determine Allen’s rush. Over the years, with the huge improvement in athletes’ training and equipment, these very ancient rules may have affected the upper limit of talented players.

What about the lower limit?

Beijing’s school district housing is very hot, and the price is ridiculously high. Why do people still go to snatch it? I try to explain Beijing’s test-taking logic in the shortest possible language.

Whether it is to hope that a child will become a dragon or a daughter to become a phoenix, the college entrance examination is the first node, but if you want to take the college entrance examination, you must first pass the high school entrance examination. Here, there is an interesting phenomenon in Beijing. The high school entrance examination rate in Haidian District is about 80%. That is to say, the proportion of high schools who can pass the senior high school entrance examination and enter a high school qualified for the college entrance examination is about half. In Xicheng District, it is about 90% or more, and in Dongcheng, it is more than 95%. Looking at it this way, it seems that everyone is about the same, but let’s be concrete. The number of people taking the high school entrance examination in Haidian in the future will be around 20,000. How many of them will not be able to go to high school? There are 4,000 people. , Dongcheng, only 6,000 people took the high school entrance examination, and three to five hundred people could not go to high school.

You know, what we’re discussing is the lower bound. We are no better than those gifted children. In my opinion, excellent children will have various ways to reach the hall of excellence, but most of them have to squeeze through the single-plank bridge of the high school entrance examination. This is a zero-sum game. You go up and down, you die and I live. So, do you want chicken babies at the bottom of the sea? No one wants to get the 4,000 Say Byebye places. Does Xicheng want to be more expensive? As long as I go to a school in Xicheng, it seems that it is not a big problem if I am not the last few in the class. Of course, some people will say, why is Dongcheng better, but not as expensive as Xicheng. This is another topic. To put it simply, the high school in Xicheng is stronger, and it is more likely that children can step on a higher level in three years. However, that is the upper limit of one person.

Therefore, the school district housing is expensive. The lower limit of its insurance is high, and the upper limit is up to you. There is another sentence, which is similar, big wealth depends on life, small wealth depends on earning. It’s just that many people are either thinking about making a lot of money, or thinking about changing their lives against the sky. This thing, maybe the degrees of freedom are set wrong.

Back to the original question, to find someone to chat with, what degree of freedom will we set? Looking at my newsletter, what are your expectations and have I met your expectations?

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