Strategizing and winning thousands of miles, Python3.10 native coroutine asyncio industrial-grade real coroutine asynchronous consumption task scheduling practice

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We have always believed in the saying that coroutines are a more efficient way of working concurrently than multithreading. It is completely controlled by the program itself, that is, executed in user mode. Coroutines avoid the context generated by thread switching. Switching, the performance has been greatly improved. There is no doubt that this is an unbreakable industry consensus and a universal truth. But in fact, coroutines are far more complicated than most people think. Because of the “user mode” characteristics of coroutines, the task scheduling power is in the hands of those who write coroutine tasks, and relying only on async and await keywords is far If the level of “scheduling” is not reached, sometimes it will drag down the task efficiency, making it less efficient than “system state” multi-threading and multi-process. This time we will discuss the scheduling of Python3 native coroutine tasks. manage. The basic operations of the Python3.10 coroutine library…

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