Suitable for aging, customization and convenience, Ping An Bank Pocket Bank App 6.0 is officially released

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If you want to see the technical quality of a bank, there is no more intuitive and profound window than an app. In the digital age, apps are the “vanguard” for banks to reach users, and they are also an important carrier of retail business and even the entire bank’s business.

Especially when the epidemic is superimposed on a new round of economic cycle, how to pass the test of customs traffic and user activity is becoming the key point of each bank.

At such a time node, on July 26, the Ping An Pocket Bank App released version 6.0. Under the strategy of building an “intelligent retail bank”, it has further developed from the four dimensions of intelligent interaction, age-appropriate accessibility, life rights, and wealth management services. Upgrading, with the theme of “simpler”, continues to optimize the user experience and help make financial life more convenient and intelligent.

Sun Fangtao, Assistant President of Ping An Bank, said that the launch of Ping An Pocket Bank App 6.0 is not only an iteration of the App version, but also a comprehensive dimension from “application interaction design” to “matrix product service” to “brand strategy” upgrade. Behind the “simpler” is the continuous self-transformation towards a younger and more technologically advanced level, and the ultimate goal is to improve the adaptability and inclusiveness of financial services. observed that compared with the previous versions of the Ping An Pocket Banking App, the 6.0 version this time mainly has the following technological highlights. Specifically, in terms of intelligent interaction , a new widget plug-in has been launched in version 6.0, and the functional services of Ping An Bank can be used at the system layer of mobile phones such as Apple and Huawei. ” and other functions, the convenience has been improved.

At the same time, the “search” function has been optimized to improve the search fault tolerance and support intelligent recommendation: intelligent information recommendation is made according to the user’s input content, and the recommended content is presented in a scene-based function card, making the service highlights clear at a glance.

In addition, version 6.0 also intelligently optimizes the menu bar at the bottom of the interface, which can recommend information according to user habits and allow users to adjust channel content by themselves, making it more convenient to find and use.

It is worth mentioning that, along with the new version of the App, the intelligent customer service “Pocket Butler 2.0” has also been launched this time, which has evolved the online customer service mode from pure “AI customer service” to “human-machine collaboration” mode.

In layman’s terms, the customer service link has changed from the previous “user-robot-calling human customer service when it can’t be solved” to the current “user-robot + human”, through the intelligent dialogue process between users and AI customer service Monitoring, timely identification of communication barriers, and non-inductive switching of manual customer service in the background. Through this “human-machine collaboration” model, it not only responds to the high concurrency of customer service needs, but also makes intelligent services more “warm”.

In terms of aging and accessibility , in addition to common optimizations such as large-character display, simplified operation, and screen-reading assistance, the “large-character version” of version 6.0 blocks advertising pop-ups, plug-ins, open-screen advertisements and other content, eliminates lure advertisements, and increases The anti-fraud education function can intelligently identify risks during the transaction process and play targeted anti-fraud videos.

In terms of life rights and interests , App 6.0 further leverages the ecological advantages of Ping An Group and third-party merchants, and introduces more abundant third-party life scene rights and interests, and the scene-based operation becomes more comprehensive. In terms of wealth management services , version 6.0 launched two new functions, “Flexible Treasure” and “Small and Micro Business Link”, and improved the online degree of the loan process.

In fact, looking back, since October 2016, Ping An Bank fully launched its retail transformation, the retail business has gradually advanced from operating products to operating customers, and the App is the main portal for its digital operation of retail customers. Version iterations have accurately grasped the pulse of technology empowerment.

Whether it is the positioning of mobile banking in 2014, the transformation of intelligent technology in 2016, or the empowerment of cloud and AI in 2019, with the support of digital technology, refined operation concepts, and the ecosystem, the Ping An Pocket App has been adapting to the times. Potential iteration. This version 6.0 is an aggregation and review of Ping An’s intelligent operation and technological capabilities based on previous accumulations.

After several iterations, the Pocket Bank App now has more than 180 functions, more than 40 channels, and diversified services, which can be reached at one point, which has played an obvious supporting role in the development of Ping An Bank’s retail business.

As of the end of 2021, the number of registered users of the Ping An Pocket Banking App reached 135 million, of which the number of monthly active users (MAU) was 48.22 million, an increase of 19.2% over the end of the previous year, while the number of retail customers in the bank was 118 million, an increase over the end of the previous year. 10.3%.

Behind the growth is continued technological investment. According to the financial report, in 2021, Ping An Bank’s IT capital expenditures and expenses will be 7.383 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.4%. Not only that, in the financial report, Ping An Bank said that it will continue to promote the distributed transformation of technical architecture, enhance the support capability of enterprise-level architecture, build platform-based data capabilities, and deepen the integration of technology and business through data empowerment management, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. , to improve agility and other aspects, continue to increase the code.

The year 2022 is the year for Ping An Bank to deepen its retail transformation. In the new cycle of domestic traffic ceilings peaking and consumer demand declining, as an important carrier of retail business, Pocket Bank App 6.0 is becoming one of the important answers of Ping An Bank in the next few years. Leifeng Network Leifeng Network

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