Twitter will reduce office space globally: no layoffs to remote work

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Pinwan, July 27, according to Sina Technology, Twitter said today that it plans to reduce office space globally to reduce costs and support a remote working model.

In an email to employees, Twitter said it would cut brick-and-mortar office space in several global markets, including San Francisco, New York and Sydney. Twitter is not planning to lay off workers as it shrinks its office space.

It is understood that Twitter will withdraw its “Tenth Street” (Tenth Street) office behind its “Market Street” headquarters, thereby significantly reducing its corporate influence in San Francisco. Currently, Twitter occupies multiple floors of the building. Meanwhile, Twitter also canceled plans to open an office in the Oakland Bay Area.

In addition, Twitter may also close its Sydney office and is considering closing several other offices after the lease expires, including in Seoul, South Korea, Wellington, New Zealand, Osaka, Japan, Madrid, Spain, Hamburg, Germany and Utrecht, the Netherlands. office. Of course, Twitter may find alternative office space in the aforementioned locations in the future.

In addition, Twitter will also reduce office space in Tokyo, Mumbai, New Delhi, Dublin and New York.

Dalana Brand, Twitter’s chief human resources officer, said: “I want to be clear, this will not change our commitment to each of the above markets. Even if some offices are closed, there will be no layoffs. , they’ll just transition to full-time telecommuting.”

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