Sullivan released the 2021 China Conversational AI Market Report

Today, Sullivan and Head Leopard Research Institute released the “Artificial Intelligence Series Report: 2021 China Conversational AI Market Report”. The report shows that Tencent Cloud Intelligence ranks among the leaders in the Chinese conversational AI market. Among them, it ranked first in the four indicators related to the Frost Radar innovation index and growth index, and the enterprise-level intelligent customer service application ability, dialogue understanding ability, intelligent speech processing, and intelligent speech synthesis ability scored the highest.

At present, China’s conversational AI market is in a stage of rapid growth. The Sullivan report pointed out that with the implementation of AI technology and the deepening of its value, it is expected that the market size of China’s conversational AI industry will achieve leapfrog growth in 2026, with a 5-year CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 26.3%.

Tencent Cloud Intelligence’s conversational AI is powered by Tencent Cloud Xiaowei. Tencent Cloud Xiaowei provides high-quality, complete and open AI dialogue capabilities based on the cloud AI brain, seamlessly connecting the rich content and services of the Tencent ecosystem, and providing services in industry scenarios as digital assistants, digital customer service, digital employees and other diverse roles, fully integrated Interaction intelligence and data intelligence help companies improve customer service experience throughout the entire journey.

Tencent Cloud Intelligence won four rankings, and won the TOP 2 growth index and innovation index

As China’s conversational AI market has entered a stage of rapid growth, Sullivan and Toubao Research Institute evaluated mainstream players in the market based on the two evaluation dimensions of growth index and innovation index. After comprehensive scores, 5 vendors including Tencent Cloud ranked among the leaders in China’s conversational AI market.

Among them, Tencent Cloud Intelligence ranked first in the scores of four related indicators.

740 (Tencent Cloud Intelligence ranks among the leaders in the Chinese conversational AI market)

Among the indicators of the growth index, Tencent Cloud Intelligence achieved the highest score in enterprise-level intelligent customer service application ability and dialogue understanding ability. At present, Tencent Cloud Intelligence has provided more than 80+ industries with full-process solutions for marketing, sales, operations and services, helping enterprises to cover the entire customer life cycle. Enterprise-level innovative application solutions are also constantly expanding new scenarios of enterprise services.

In terms of dialogue understanding, Tencent Cloud Intelligence, by integrating the AI ​​basic capabilities in the intelligent dialogue system and the knowledge graph system, deeply cultivates knowledge mining, semantic understanding and pre-training technologies, and proposes a multilingual pre-training model “Shen Nong MShenNonG”, which has reached the top several times. An important list in the industry, which can provide enterprises and users with efficient and accurate conversational AI services. At the same time, Tencent Cloud Xiaowei developed a complete semantic Q&A technical solution, covering document Q&A, table Q&A, graph Q&A and other dimensions.

In the index items of the innovation index, Tencent Cloud Intelligence achieved the highest score in intelligent speech processing capability and intelligent speech synthesis capability. In terms of intelligent voice processing, Tencent Cloud Intelligence realizes the full-link acoustic technology capability from input to output in complex voice environments, better understands and feeds back the user’s voice input, and achieves more efficient human-computer interaction. At the same time, by introducing the deep model into the acoustic pre-processing system, it is the first in the industry to build an end-to-end full neural network model solution.

In terms of intelligent speech synthesis, Tencent Cloud is the first in the industry to achieve “5-sentence” efficient personalized customization, which is ahead of the industry’s common 10-sentence customization solution and has significant advantages in timbre customization scenarios. In addition, more styles and richer emotional categories TTS support fine-grained control at the word level, which also improves the anthropomorphism of the dialogue robot’s voice.

Conversational AI market scale will achieve leapfrog growth, and cloud small and micro enterprises have landed in many industries to help intelligent transformation

The report pointed out that with the implementation of AI technology and the deepening of value, the market size of China’s conversational AI industry will achieve leapfrog growth in 2026, with a five-year compound annual growth rate of 26.3%. Under the catalysis of the epidemic, digital and intelligent applications in various industries have ushered in a demand inflection point, and the development of the conversational AI industry has entered a period of demand outbreak.

740 (Sullivan Report: Market Scale of Conversational AI Industry in China)

At the same time, the state has promulgated policies such as the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” and “Guidelines for the Construction of the National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Standard System”, and has also increased the research and development of key technologies from the technical side, and promoted the industrialization of new technologies from the application side.

Analysis shows that consumer electronics, home appliances, transportation vehicles, e-commerce, and the pan-Internet are the core application scenarios of conversational AI. Among them, consumer electronics and transportation vehicles take the lead in landing speed, which is a scene with comprehensive technical requirements and a high degree of scene penetration.

In recent years, Tencent Cloud Xiaowei has been committed to providing leading AI voice full-link capabilities and supporting hardware solutions for multiple industries, providing a natural and intelligent human-computer interaction experience for the AIoT industry, and providing AI voice assistants, intelligent A variety of products, such as customer service robots and Sapiens, contribute to the high-quality development of industrial digitalization.

740 At present, Tencent Cloud Xiaowei AI voice assistant has served more than 60% of mainstream smart home brands, covering more than 40 smart home scenarios. At the same time, it has carried out in-depth cooperation with more than 15 car companies such as Changan, Ford and GAC to provide voice assistant services for more than 100 best-selling models at home and abroad. Based on interactive intelligence, Tencent Cloud Xiaowei provides leading AI voice full-link capabilities and supporting hardware solutions, integrating Tencent’s high-quality content and services, covering smart speakers, smart wear, and smart car connectivity.

In addition, the intelligent customer service robots created by Yunxiaowei are widely connected to the enterprise and micro ecosystem, providing leading conversational intelligence, helping to serve end customers in industries such as finance and pan-retailing, and improving customer experience and customer retention through AI blessing. At the same time, it provides accurate and high-quality intelligent dialogue services in smart government service scenarios such as hotlines, government halls, and portal platforms. It uses the latest Bert framework core model algorithm to introduce data enhancement methods, which increase the response accuracy rate by more than 90%. The industry’s first expansion of the LARQ query method reduces the cost of knowledge base construction by 80%, further reducing costs and increasing efficiency for customer service and marketing.

As a product integrating voice AI and interactive intelligent technology, Sapiens is also accelerating its transition from technological innovation to industrial application. Tencent Cloud Xiaowei Sapiens integrates AI capabilities such as voice interaction, natural language understanding, and image recognition to help financial, media and other institutions create digital employees with more vivid images and smarter interactions to better serve end users.

Up to now, Tencent Cloud’s voice AI capabilities have been implemented in industries such as finance, media, pan-politics, transportation, and home furnishing, realizing no “micro” in a variety of industry scenarios. In the future, Tencent Cloud Small and Micro will continue to develop voice AI technology, actively explore cutting-edge technology and application research, focus on the in-depth development of interactive intelligent technology, and continuously consolidate the underlying capabilities. Under the general trend of digital transformation, the digital, intelligent and visualized voice AI solutions help enterprises improve their digital services.

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