Summary of August 22: Talk about those bull stocks that were missed


As shown in the picture, I have added Shaanxi Coal Industry and Yanzhou Coal Industry which I once missed.

In investment, we often encounter the problem of how to expect the stock price to not rise for low-valued stocks. This is what every value investor has experienced. I saw a friend in the group saying “When people of different styles are in the same stock When the above all tend to agree, the main rise of the stock price will come.” There are many dimensions to consider when investing in stocks. You can’t consider a stock from a single dimension, otherwise you will fall into the question, “Why are the conditions so good in all aspects, and the valuation is low enough, why is it not rising?” So I have to learn from Feng Liu. The strength of the stock is judged.

This year, I missed many bull stocks, such as Yanzhou Coal. In 2016, when Zijin acquired Kamoa, Yanzhou Coal acquired Australia’s largest coal mine cheaply, which is now the predecessor of Yancoal Australia. I paid attention to this company at the time, and felt that this company had a good vision. In those years, random mining mergers and acquisitions could make a fortune. In 21 years, after Haikong and Zijin rose, a Fuzhou-based coal investment boss @星lv came to visit me and shared with me the story of his 30 times profit in coal stocks in ten years. He recommended Shaanxi Coal to me. Industry and Yitai B, so I paid attention to coal stocks, bought stocks such as Yanzhou Coal Industry, Shaanxi Coal Industry, China Shenhua, etc., and got rich returns. As Zijinhai controlled Chinalco soared, my confidence began to expand. Not as sharp and studious about stocks as before.

I forgot that I am not a professional investor, and I spend less time studying stocks every day, so I must have a keen mind about stocks. With Haikong, Zijin, and Chinalco soaring, I am more worried about how I will land in the future. Therefore, in order to focus on the deployment of Shandong Gold, which has little room for decline, I have not read any report on the coal industry. Research report. Without a second thought, they sold the already profitable Yanzhou Coal Industry, Shaanxi Coal Industry, and China Shenhua. Especially in 16 years of Yanzhou Coal, I have known the ability of Yanzhou Coal to go against the trend of mergers and acquisitions. When I bought it, it was about 0.3pb, and when I sold it, it was only 0.6PB. It was an unforgivable mistake that I missed.

As an amateur investor, you must have self-knowledge and acumen in amateur investment, @星游

I said that human nature is lazy, Yitai B valuation is very good, and very kind, I just missed it because I was too lazy to open B shares. Doing well in stocks is no easy task, especially for amateur investors. Thinking about it, from October last year to May this year, I mainly focused on literature and art or writing in my spare time, but my level dropped. I felt it myself, and it was finally reflected in the benefits. I used to say: “Before you have 20 million, your only hobby is to make money.” I feel like I used to be like a superhero. My superpower is to love investing wholeheartedly. When I have other hobbies, superpowers just disappeared. So, in the end, I gave up my hobby and went back to being a superhero who loves investing. Now back to Yanzhou Coal Industry H, China Coal Energy H, China Coal Energy H, the price is not as cheap as before. However, I have an idea. Judging from the power outage in Sichuan, there is a fatal problem in hydropower, photovoltaics and wind power, that is, when extreme weather comes, the chain will often fall off when the power is most lacking. More new energy means that more energy is needed. More thermal power to match, to hedge. This process requires more coal.

I think from the perspective of human energy replacement, energy density is getting higher and higher and more stable. Therefore, photovoltaic and wind power as new energy is an attempt by human beings to point the wrong technology tree. Maybe after more than ten years, human beings will find that photovoltaic wind power cannot solve the problem of next-generation energy. At that time, it is necessary to re-select the development direction of new energy. In this process, coal and oil are still needed to provide the bottom line and provide the cost of error correction. It is worth noting that most Hong Kong coal stocks and oil stocks have relatively low valuations and high dividends. If global warming, my country’s precipitation line will move northward, the south will be dry in summer, and the northern flood will become the norm (also recorded in history). Then water and electricity are often insufficient, and it has become the norm to supplement water and electricity with thermal power. At present, my country’s domestic coal price is lower than the international coal price. I remember that before 2007, my country’s oil price was also lower than the international oil price. Later, the domestic coal price could not support the international oil price. Will my country’s coal price also match the international coal price in the future? Everything has a process!

$CNOOC(00883)$ $Yankuang Energy(01171)$ $China Ship(SH600150)$

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