Sunchao Information will complete an angel round of financing of over 100 million yuan

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36 Krypton learned that the cloud mobile phone service provider “Succeeding Information” will complete an angel round of financing of over 100 million yuan in the near future. This round of financing will be led by Fosun Chuangfu, and the old shareholder Rich and a well-known fund company will follow. The financing funds will be mainly used for cloud phones to build edge cloud infrastructure, follow-up R&D investment, and team building.

Founded in 2019, Sunchuo Information focuses on building smart mobile cloud application cloud mobile phones and edge cloud operation service platforms. At present, the cloud mobile phone brand “Gemini” has been launched, which is a “cloud mobile phone” suitable for multiple scenarios and uses.

With the continuous development of the Internet in recent years, the amount of data has continued to grow. According to IDC’s forecast, by 2025, the amount of data generated each year in China will increase by 48.6ZB. The explosion of data volume has also brought new growth opportunities for edge cloud computing. According to the data of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, in 2020, the proportion of enterprises that have applied and planned to apply edge computing in my country will be 4.9% and 53.8%, respectively. It is estimated that by 2025, 75% of the data will be processed on the edge cloud, and there may be tens of billions of startups in edge computing.

Compared with centralized cloud computing with large-scale computing and global scheduling, edge cloud computing has the characteristics of shorter latency and can meet real-time or near-real-time data analysis and processing requirements. At the same time, the edge cloud can preprocess the data to avoid the impact of large-scale traffic on the backbone network and reduce the cost of data transmission.

In edge cloud computing, driven by the mobile terminal market, ARM architecture servers are used as a new growth point. Different from the X86 architecture, the ARM architecture server has the advantages of low power consumption and low cost, and as a cloud mobile phone application, it also has the advantages of the native environment of the mobile Android system.


ARM architecture

Liu Yi, founder and chairman of Sunchou, told 36氪 that “Gemini Nebula Mobile Phone” is an important carrier for mobile games and applications to go to the cloud, and the back-end edge infrastructure is currently built with ARMSoC array cluster servers. Different from the B-side business of traditional enterprises that have migrated to the cloud, the calculation is aimed at the C-end personal market, and the mobile application is put on the cloud and placed on the cloud mobile phone to meet the needs of personal life and entertainment. At present, the company focuses on two major businesses, one is the Gemini Nebula mobile phone that has been launched, and the other is cloud games.

A simple understanding of the cloud phone is equivalent to that the user can experience the scene of operating two mobile phones at the same time through only one mobile phone. And because the cloud phone runs in the cloud, it is more convenient to run in the cloud than the local phone in applications such as game hanging up, downloading movies, etc. for personal needs.

For example, the cloud phone can also be used as a network cloud disk. The large-capacity files such as music and videos downloaded by the user on the cloud phone can be directly communicated with the cloud disk and uploaded to the cloud without occupying the memory of the mobile phone; for example, through the cloud phone, It can also open multiple applications at the same time, such as WeChat multi-opening, etc.

In terms of cloud games, according to the needs of users at this stage, the services of the game are mainly divided into three parts: one is the general demand – the game hanging through the cloud mobile phone can be run in the cloud 24 hours; the second is the demand of the game publisher ——Using cloud game (small package) to buy volume, user download conversion will be greatly improved, at the same time, it can reduce the cost of buying volume and increase ROI; the third is to meet the demand for game CP – through the game cloud (cloud Internet cafe) to achieve smooth play 3A masterpiece Mobile Games. The main factor that attracts players to experience cloud games is to alleviate the problems of mobile games taking up a lot of space, fast power consumption, and heat generation. The picture is compressed and delivered to the user.


calculation information

According to Liu Yi, at present, the cloud game (cloud mobile game) is selected as the landing scene, and the benefits that can be realized are obvious. On the one hand, for game users, since all games are run in the cloud, it not only greatly reduces the user’s data storage space, but also reduces the hardware threshold of terminal equipment that affects the game experience, so that the thousand yuan machine can also play high-profile games.

On the other hand, for game publishers, the actual conversion rate of game packages with several gigabytes of memory is not high during promotion. Therefore, cloud-based promotion is adopted to convert large packages into small packages. After users download and play the game, the conversion rate will be higher. In the future, Suanchou will also launch its own cloud-based PaaS platform to provide game manufacturers with a self-service cloud-based open platform.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of picture performance at this stage, when the network environment is good, the picture fluency of cloud games and the original game is basically close. Liu Yi told 36氪 that the smoothness of the cloud screen mainly depends on three aspects, one is the width of the network, the second is the chip technology of the back-end cloud phone, and the third is its own technical ability, which can realize the video streaming without being stuck, which is also Calculate the core competitiveness of the chip.

Specifically, at the level of hardware investment, since the service is for individual users, the back-end equipment needs even tens of millions of cloud mobile phone nodes, which means that more investment in servers is required. The calculation uses the self-developed ARMSoC array cluster server, which can accommodate 60 mobile cards in a single server. At the same time, self-built edge nodes cover 15 cities across the country, enabling nationwide resource scheduling.

In terms of software, the core advantage of arithmetic is also reflected in the scheduling algorithm. The picture presented on the cloud phone is actually pushed by the back-end mobile phone screen. Therefore, the video fluency is also related to the distance of the server. The scheduling algorithm pushes the running screen to the user’s mobile phone by scheduling the back-end server resource pool, so as to realize the scenario of large-scale users but low concurrency. At present, Suantou has obtained more than 26 entry-level patents in mobile cloud technology.

At the same time, in terms of performance, it can also achieve the penetration effect of peripherals, that is, face recognition, video recording, photography, virtual Bluetooth, virtual camera, virtual positioning, etc., so that the information of the real mobile phone can be transmitted to the cloud mobile phone synchronously.

As for the future layout, Liu Yi said that Sunchuo will consider launching a small home server. The purpose of this product is to store the data and information on the cloud mobile phone on the home server, which reduces the cost of hosting and makes the data more private. In addition, Sacho will also deploy cloud mobile phones to go overseas.

In terms of team, the core team members of Suanchou are mainly from Huawei, Tencent and other companies, and have rich experience in cloud computing and game operation industries. Among them, the founder and chairman Liu Yi worked for Huawei for 9 years and directly managed a team of 200 people. He is a national-level scientific and technological innovation talent, a local-level leading talent in Shenzhen, and a technical expert from the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission.

As the lead investor of this round of financing, the Fosun Wealth Creation team believes: “Looking at the industry track, the investment of cloud computing resources is very important for the development of mobile games and mobile phones. Compared with other applications of the mobile Internet, the threshold is higher. , strong technical barriers (the infrastructure needs servers such as ARMSoC) is the best form and trend for the future development of the mobile Internet. At present, large cloud manufacturers have not invested on a large scale for the time being, and we believe that the market is still a blue ocean. The internal layout is ahead of schedule, and its team has forward-looking and first-mover technical strength.”

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