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The paradox of difference analysis and principal component analysis

Original link: https://yufree.cn/cn/2023/10/07/da-pca-paradox/ This is an interesting phenomenon I encountered in my recent research work: there is a set of multidimensional data containing control and control samples. No difference was seen in the principal component analysis, but when performing difference analysis, it was found that there were differences in almost all dimensions. This will form […]

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Pulse work

Original link: https://yufree.cn/cn/2023/09/23/implus-working/ I have always wanted to find a word to describe mental work. When I looked through my notes, I found that I had left the phrase “pulse time management” somewhere. I suddenly felt that the word “pulse” was very appropriate. The repetitive, redundant and diplomatic procedural work in today’s mental work will

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social cost

Original link: https://yufree.cn/cn/2023/09/18/social-cost/ The apartment I live in has an open parking lot. I saw a police car parked outside when I was at work. That morning, I received an email from the apartment management, saying that someone’s car had been stolen, and specifically stated that it was a Kia. Not long after this happened,

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have no idea

Original link: https://yufree.cn/cn/2023/08/26/i-dont-know/ This month, LK-99 and Japan’s nuclear sewage discharge into the sea have been highly discussed, and gods from all walks of life have stepped down and danced to the gods, which is more interesting than any series. But let’s talk about trouble, there are some things that can be discussed here. Discuss

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Mixed Chinese and English

Original link: https://yufree.cn/cn/2023/08/20/hybrid-lauguage/ I recently read an e-book published in Hong Kong. You said that this book is written in Cantonese. It contains a lot of vernacular and a lot of English. The target readers are definitely not mainlanders, and it is impossible for them to be native speakers of Chinese. Probably only locals can

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Original link: https://yufree.cn/cn/2023/07/28/perfectionism/ “Saint Seiya” or “Goddess Saint Seiya” was the catalyst for my generation’s first contact with the concept of constellations. In the Golden Twelve Weeks chapter, Virgo Shaka is the existence closest to God, and children seem to be the strongest representatives. Afterwards, I learned about the zodiac theory from various sources. At

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post-AI era

Original link: https://yufree.cn/cn/2023/07/19/post-ai/ If you want to know the impact of a certain technology, you must first observe the fields that adopt the technology first. For artificial intelligence, this proposition is Go. Go is a complex system under simple rules, which can be compared to cellular automata. The difference is that Go is a finite

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Original link: https://yufree.cn/cn/2023/07/12/c-index/ After the impact factor of journals came out this year, there was a dead silence on the Internet, as if this hadn’t happened. The reason is very intuitive. This year, the impact factor of 80% of academic journals has dropped. Last year, the impact factor generally rose, and almost all journals announced

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Research Express in the first half of 2023

Original link: https://yufree.cn/cn/2023/07/01/2023-research-paper-1/ This is a summary of all the research deliveries in the second half of the official account of the Environmental Blackboard . Research Express is about environment-related research, and the main focus journals are ACS’s ES&T series of journal papers, nature’s environment-related papers, and EHP papers. At present, the submissions are all

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AGI ban

Original link: https://yufree.cn/cn/2023/06/24/agi/ The Institute forwarded a notice from NIH on Friday, saying that due to confidentiality requirements, fund reviewers are not allowed to use any tools generated by artificial general intelligence (AGI) for project review, and all reviewers are required to re-sign the relevant consent forms. I looked at this email and wanted to

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Disqus moving notes

Original link: https://yufree.cn/cn/2023/05/17/disqus/ At the end of the last article, I said that the comment moved. In fact, half of the move was made, but there were many pitfalls. With the help of Xie Da, the move should be almost done this time. Record it here. The initial motivation for the move was actually that

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