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2022.08.31: Summary of August

Original link: https://www.bgbiji.com/1110.html Oops, a month has passed like this, so let’s summarize it a bit. About exercise: The amount of exercise this month is not bad. The originally set 30 kilometers was completed on the 20th. I took a look at it. I ran nearly 40 kilometers this month, and I am quite satisfied.

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Record yourself | 2022.08.10

Original link: https://www.bgbiji.com/1102.html 1. After reading the latest weather forecast, I was shocked. The temperature for the next half month is extremely stable, with a minimum of 28 degrees and a maximum of 41 degrees, although I will also feel a cool autumn wind (after all, it has already passed the beginning of autumn, It’s

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Record yourself | 2022.08.08

Original link: https://www.bgbiji.com/1097.html There is an old saying in “Zengguang Xianwen”, which says: “If you want to plant flowers, the flowers will not bloom, but if you don’t want to plant willows and willows, they will make a shade.” reward. You may be wondering: shouldn’t what you do with your heart have a greater chance

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Record yourself | 2022.08.02

Original link: https://www.bgbiji.com/1094.html 1. I told my cousin about sports today. Why do we need to exercise? She is still in school now. Apart from running at school, she rarely does other sports. This also causes some problems in her body and state, such as anxiety, and often takes traditional Chinese medicine. Anyway, I don’t

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Record yourself | 2022.07.27

Original link: https://www.bgbiji.com/1089.html 1. It has been a few days since I bought the bicycle, but because of a problem with a part of the car, I have not ridden it out, and I am also waiting for the part to be sent by the merchant. In fact, I originally planned to replace the parts

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Record yourself | 2022.07.26

Original link: https://www.bgbiji.com/1086.html 1. When I wake up in the morning, my eyes are still blurred, and I can vaguely see that from the gap in the curtain, a strong beam of light shoots into the room. Although it is just six o’clock, in summer, the sun is as early as this time. Hanging on

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Record yourself | 2022.07.25

Original link: https://www.bgbiji.com/1082.html 1. In fact, no matter how good a person is, he has to fight against desire every day. Especially for ordinary people like me, desire is like a big mountain, and it is difficult to move it away by myself. But if you really want to get rid of desire as your

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Record yourself | 2022.07.23

Original link: https://www.bgbiji.com/1078.html 1. I recently bought a mountain bike. Compared with professional riders, this mountain bike is an entry-level bike that cannot be more entry-level. It is very cheap. For a layman, it is already very good. This is also something I have never tried, although I have ridden a bicycle before, but I

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Record yourself | 2022.07.22

Original link: https://www.bgbiji.com/1076.html 1. Can waking up early really change anything? I actually tried to get up early and do something after getting up early in the past. I remember when I was still in Shenzhen, I just quit my job, and I didn’t plan to look for a job immediately, so I found something

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Record yourself | 2022.07.21

Original link: https://www.bgbiji.com/1074.html 1. Looking back on my past work, study and lifestyle, I found that I really cannot do without electronic devices. For example, to learn a skill, I like to turn on the computer and look for related tutorials on the computer; another example is to take notes, and sometimes it is often

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