Taiwan – when to return

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When I was a child studying geography, I always said that Taiwan is a province. It was not until I grew up that I realized that we only own Taiwan in name. On August 2, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan Province. A variety of voices have appeared online, some of which are particularly harsh. The person who made this harsh voice may have hated iron for not making steel, but the taunting of the government was so strong that I couldn’t help writing this article. As early as when Pelosi started to build momentum to visit Taiwan, relevant government personnel should have made various preparatory plans. I have long anticipated Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. To be honest, we may consider that we are still on the second floor, and the government is already on the 999th floor. Some people said that they had known for a long time that it was just a matter of condemnation. Others said that the military exercise was a performance. I would like to say that the formulation and implementation of any policy is not without consideration of the consequences. for these alternative voices. That’s because they knew that even if they did fight, it wasn’t them who went to the front. The sacrifices were made by soldiers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Even if a war does break out, they subconsciously think that the place where the war breaks out will be far away from them. So they speak so lightly about war, after all, they can be reckless, and the government can’t. The government has to consider whether the war will make life better or worse for 1.4 billion people. What I want to say is that under any circumstances, peace is precious. What the government pursues is to recover Taiwan in a peaceful situation. Only when there is really no chance at all will it really use force to recover Taiwan. As China becomes stronger and stronger, our chances of winning are getting bigger and bigger, and that day will not be far away.

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