TCL Huaxing released the world’s first 0.016Hz ultra-low frequency OLED wearable device screen

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Pinwan, June 21, TCL Huaxing announced today that TCL Huaxing has launched the industry’s lowest 0.016Hz wearable display screen in the world, which can achieve low power consumption and no flicker.

TCL Huaxing said that the screen has six major performances: ultra-low frequency flicker-free, ultra-narrow frame, low power consumption, wide-band free switching, TDDI (touch and display driver integration) and low-frequency color no change. Combining this technology, TCL CSOT has developed Watch modules in two forms, round and square. The three diversified sizes of 1.36-inch, 1.502-inch, and 1.92-inch have mass production capabilities, which can meet the different needs of terminal manufacturers.

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