Telegram Premium paid membership is officially released, $4.99/month to show dignity

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Telegram Premium paid membership is TG’s second step on the road to making money. It has been officially released in the latest version of the client, including more than 10 functions such as member-exclusive star, 4GB large file upload, exclusive stickers, and no ads. Time to open members, showing dignity. @Appinn

Telegram Premium 付费会员正式发布,$4.99/月彰显尊贵

Early in the morning, Green Frog received a bragging message from a friend. There was a small star in the place of the avatar name. Of course, the content was a distinguished Telegram Premium member. 😂

Telegram Premium 付费会员正式发布,$4.99/月彰显尊贵 1

Telegram Premium Paid Membership

In Telegram’s Settings > Telegram Premium menu, paid membership privileges are detailed, primarily doubling the limits of the previously free service, including:

  • Number of groups and channels that can be added (500 > 1000)
  • Number of top conversations (5 > 10)
  • public link (10 > 20,
  • Animated GIFs can be saved (200 > 400)
  • Favorite stickers (5 > 10)
  • Personal introduction word limit (70 > 140)
  • Image/video description text (1024 > 2048)
  • Chat group folder (10 > 20)
  • Group conversation limit (100 > 200)
  • Number of login accounts (3 > 4)
Telegram Premium 付费会员正式发布,$4.99/月彰显尊贵 2

In fact, the limitations of these free versions are very low for ordinary users, and only in rare cases will they encounter limitations, so Telegram also provides some routine functions for Premium members, such as:

  • Single file size limit (2GB > 4GB)
  • faster download speeds
  • speech to text
  • no ads
  • Exclusive like icon
  • Exclusive stickers
  • Modifiable default grouping
  • Membership mark
  • animated avatar
  • Exclusive app icon

That’s about it, Qing Xiao Frog thinks that some functions can quickly pay off for students who use social networks to make money.😂

Having said that, the distinguished members and friends of Green Little Frog decided to only open it for a month, and it would be good to be honored.

At present, telegram has more than 700 million monthly active users.


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