Ten years in the industry – talk about [Escape Room], [Script Killing], [Offline Reality RPG Game]

For the past two years, I have always sighed

I wonder why some people can’t distinguish between [Escape Room] and [Script Killing]?

Many bigwigs in the cultural circle pointed to [Escape Room] and told me that killing this script was a good project;

A lot of bigwigs in the business circle pulled me and told me that their shopping malls are going to introduce a script to kill, everyone needs to change clothes, and everyone has a mission.

Many entrepreneurs don’t even know what [Escape Room], [Script Killing], and [Offline Reality RPG Game] are, and what kind of market and user positioning they have.

Some friends may say, what does it matter, it’s all games, just play…

But if it is really just the same game with different names, that’s fine, but they are not a game, and there are big differences in the underlying logic, user groups, market applicability, return on investment, and industrial structure. .

Therefore, it is incumbent on distinguishing them, and it is even an essential problem that must be faced in order to better develop live-action games. Therefore, in the ten years of the industry, live-action games have continued to develop, and we have to talk about some things. Only, dared to write an article and set up a topic.

The number of words in the article is large, please read it according to the situation——

A brief introduction of the author –

Master Fat Bear, he has been in the game industry for 20 years. He has rich experience in design and development from video games, online games, board games and chess to real-life games. I have been working in real-life games for ten years, and have created horror-type secret rooms, offline real-life RPG games, etc., and have rich experience in design, organization, construction, and operation. It is my responsibility to lead newcomers to close the pit and promote the development of the industry.

1. The underlying logic and core differences between [Escape Room], [Script Killing], and [Offline Reality RPG Game]

Many practitioners and old players are actually very easy to distinguish this topic, but this distinction only stays at the level of feeling, not systematic cognition, so we can start with the most basic and cleanest bottom layer. Explore the differences between these types.

The underlying core of [Escape Room] is that users break through the level barriers through their own conscious behavior and according to the set moving lines, in order to achieve the ultimate goal is the game form.

Here are a few key points –

a. Self-conscious behavior, players have their own operational awareness and interact with the game. In this case, we call it the action of the game, that is, participation. This distinguishes the behavioral phenomena of passive viewing such as tour experience and immersive theater.

b. The set moving line, the escape room has a relatively clear moving line setting. Whether it is a group action at the same time or a collective action, the player’s behavior is precisely set on a clear moving line. It is possible to exceed the moving line, otherwise the game will not be completed as scheduled. Such a moving line achieves the purpose of controlling the rhythm of the game.

c. Level obstacles, another absolute core of room escape is the level. Judging from the name of the room escape category, the player is apparently escaping in the room, but the logic behind it is to cross the obstacles from the preset levels to achieve the goal.

To sum up, we can see that the core of room escape is a game with clear levels and clear moving lines. How to design levels, create game obstacles, and complete these obstacles in an interesting way is the life of escape room. And some friends say that the secret room is decryption. The so-called decryption here is actually just an element of the level, and does not represent its characteristics.

There are also decryptions in some script killing works. Some people say that this is a new product of secret room + script killing. In fact, this statement is unscientific. It is like a chocolate with strawberry flavoring added. We can’t say it is a strawberry + chocolate. new species. The real statement is that this is a scripted killing with decryption or escape room elements.

The underlying core of [Script Killing] is a game form in which users collect clues and fragments through rules and restrictions, and find the truth of the story through various forms of reasoning to achieve a certain purpose.

There are also a few key points here –

a. Rules and restrictions, the game form of script killing is difficult to have moving lines. Users participate in the game in a relatively free form in a space, and free games must have a mechanism. This mechanism is the rules in script killing. and restrictions, so that the user’s freedom becomes relative, thereby controlling the rhythm and style of the game.

b. Collect clue fragments, another element that the script kills the game to promote is clues. Clues are not only a means to advance the game stage, but also a mechanistic reward for the purpose of the game stage.

c. Reasoning the truth of the story is the absolute core of script killing. Almost all script killings must cover up the truth, and then let users find the truth to achieve a sense of achievement in the game. The way to find the truth must be through the collection of clues to restore the story. and restructuring.

To sum up, script killing is almost a reasoning game. In the design, clues are scattered and hidden in the rules and mechanisms. After players meet the conditions, clues are given as rewards. When the clues reach a certain level or the game mechanism reaches a certain level, users can find the truth.

With the development of the times, some script killings began to undergo many changes, such as adding more complex mechanisms, or integrating with other themes. But we only explore the core, if it is still based on reasoning, then it still belongs to the script killing, and for those games that have dominated the mechanism gameplay, it may already be a new type.

Here is a more interesting case. Some script killings have become play mechanisms (to avoid suspicion). From an academic definition or historical point of view, they are actually a kind of type that appeared about 10 years ago, called The type of live-action board game is just the skin that the operator has put a layer of script to kill for it. You can understand this kind of real-life board game that the Three Kingdoms Kill requires players to wear the clothes of generals, and turn the kill and dodge into direct action and other works (the Three Kingdoms Kill may be a bit outrageous, but it may be easier for everyone to change this example. Bai), in those days some wizards in the board game industry really tried to use this method to salvage the decline of the board game industry, and the author was fortunate enough to participate in several…

[Offline real-life RPG game] Before talking about its underlying core, it needs to be popularized. In itself, this category belongs to a relatively niche type on the market. The niche does not mean that its consumer population is very small, but that there are too few products. Because of the large scale of investment and extremely difficult operation, almost all that can be done are first- and second-tier cities, and they are all operated by big brands.

But this type is a very imaginative type in real-life games. When it appeared, it once made [Escape Room] and [Script Killing] rely on it, and so far, a large number of people can’t distinguish [Offline] What’s the difference between [real-life RPG game] and [escaping the room] and [script killing].

The more well-known products in [offline real-life RPG games] are relatively pure, such as “Ghost Night Brocade”, “Dragon Inn”, “Gui Tang Tower”, “Splendid Jianghu”, etc., and there must be many people who have played them.

The underlying core of [offline real-life RPG game] is a game form in which users can freely achieve their own goals through role-playing and substitution, integrating into the open space.

There are also a few key points here –

a. Role-playing and substitution are the only way of showing RPG games. Since they are called RPG games, they are actually role-playing. And this kind of role-playing is different from all other categories. It needs to be fully integrated into the game in terms of appearance, values, and worldview. The game role is the user itself. Only in this way can the development of RPG games be promoted.

b. Open space is the core carrier of RPG games. It also shows that this type of scene and space is not restrictive. The space is no longer simply to display and restrict users, but more to serve and set off users.

c. The goal of freedom is the absolute core of RPG games. Users have no clear movement line restrictions in different stages (regional restrictions exist), and users’ behavior and consciousness are free. The exploration and proposition of the game itself is The biggest essence of the game is also the focus of the design.

To sum up, the offline real-life RPG game is actually more like a large-scale home-brewing game or an immersive game of sandbox type. Under the conditions of the designed plot background, scene, character relationship, etc., users can participate in and interact with each other. Play your role in such an environment. In order to achieve the process of promoting the development of the game and enjoying the game experience.

Of course, most RPG games have relatively powerful game mechanics as the driving force of the core, rather than simply playing a person. Living in the scene is so simple, the powerful mechanism will promote and stimulate users to continuously participate in the game, so as to have fun .

What needs to be clearly distinguished here is that an immersive secret room or an immersive script is not an RPG game. Once a lot of games have costumes and NPC interactions, it is obviously wrong to say that they are RPG games. Well, they are just an expression and form of the game. In terms of the core gameplay, they are still the essential secret room and script.

After analyzing the three types, I don’t know if you have some concepts and ideas, but at present it can be recognized that among these types of classification, there is no reason for who pays more attention to the plot, who pays more attention to the mechanism, who uses the NPC more, and who Space size to classify. Because these are only factors of the product, there is no rule that killing the script must focus on the plot, and offline live-action RPG must focus on the input of NPCs. For an excellent work, various factors will be reasonably adjusted. So our classification will not be disturbed by these factors.

PS: Some friends will ask [Sleepless Night] [Zhiyinhao] which type of product this product belongs to. Sorry, they don’t belong, and they don’t even belong to the category of live-action games. Their definition is called live-action theater or Live-action performances are interactive. Anyway, I don’t know the names very well, but they have nothing to do with the game. They are in close contact with the performers in the form of viewing. There is no existence of what we call game properties.

2. The historical background and development track of [Escape Room], [Script Killing], and [Offline Reality RPG Game]

Let’s talk about the classification first, so that everyone can understand, let’s go back and look at how these different types entered China and developed in the Chinese market, which will help us to understand the market environment behind them more clearly. .

In fact, the development of real-life games did not start in this decade, and even earlier, it can be traced back to the 1990s. The first commercialized reality game that was widely implemented in China was [Haunted House], and the type behind it should be called [tour game].

Note: Some people may question, are garden activities and playgrounds considered real-life games? In fact, we distinguish real-life games, not to say that games played in reality or game equipment to experience are called real-life games, but to use real scenes as a game carrier and rely on corresponding rules and gameplay. Game experience. So in the past, what we called activities like garden tours were just traditional games. Playgrounds are a completely different industry.

It took nearly ten years for the haunted house to decline in China. After that, there are various types of continuous development such as [real-life shooting game] [expansion training game], but these types have not really been involved in the depth of the game. In turn, we call it more of a scene game experience that relies on devices. It was not until the emergence of [Escape Room] that in the true sense, the game and the scene began to gradually merge.

When [Escape Room] appeared in China, there are many theories, and the earliest commercial application should be between 2010-2011. In 2012, large-scale commercial activities began to take place all over the country. Most entrepreneurs exist as small-scale individual businesses, and most of the most primitive secret rooms are often combined with board game shops. The board game shop owners are amazing. Finally, I accidentally discovered that the secret room is much more profitable than board games, so that many board games have successfully transformed into the earliest stores of escape room, which is why many years ago, most of the secret room stores The reason for providing board games – this is a historical question, and now with the professionalization of backroom entertainment, board games are slowly disappearing.

The origin of the secret room is generally said to originate from a group of geniuses in Silicon Valley in the United States, and was born by restoring the escape room of the video game to the actual scene. Let’s just assume that’s the truth, after all, there’s no such thing as a second birth.

The development of the secret room, from 1.0 emphasizing decryption as the core of the level, to 2.0 improving the application of the mechanism circuit and integrating it into the level, then to the 3.0 level began to revolve around the plot, and finally to the current 4.0 level and no longer a human-computer interaction , and it has become a mode of interaction between everyone. In the past 10 years, the secret room has been continuously upgraded and iterated, relatively and mature, and the market users have gradually opened up. As for the specific differences between the 1.0 and 4.0 secret room models, we can wait for a special article in the future.

[Script Killing] Originally originated from the killing reasoning games that were often played between foreign nobles and college students. When they entered China, they were not called script killings, but reasoning games. It was also initiated by the board game shop owners at the earliest time. The magical board game shop owners will always be the most respected pioneers in this era.

Between 2013 and 2014, after some well-known boxed reasoning games abroad were smuggled into China, the owners of all-purpose board game stores began to manually translate them into Chinese, and organized board game enthusiasts to participate in blunt reasoning games. Poor translations, weird mechanics, and drag-and-drop performance can’t hide the charm of this game.

Fortunately, in that era, the board game shop owners were all talents, and everyone was full of enthusiasm for these games. Everyone was an extremely game DM, and the player group was also an enthusiast. Soon the reasoning game was pushed to Taiwan. forward. Some bosses who missed the escape room ride in the early days began to use their brains and found a way to make a fortune in the reasoning game.

From 2014 to 2015, the first batch of reasoning game stores were gradually promoted in some cities across the country (there may be earlier ones, but they appeared on a large scale at this time). At that time, almost all the scripts were foreign translations. Some experienced bosses also began to design their own scripts according to the structure of foreign translations, and gradually became professional script designers.

Subsequent scripts also began to differentiate, focusing more on the type of forensics that focused on reasoning and the core of the mechanism, and the type of evidence-gathering that was more inclined to scene experience and NPC interaction. Also differentiated in the subject matter, such as the original, denatured and the like. With the increase in the needs of scenes, markets, and user preferences, there are now scripts that are more inclined to certain attributes, such as wine books with drinking as the core mechanism, XX books with “friendship” as the core, and so on.

When did script killing start to be called script killing, in fact, I don’t have a more accurate statement, I hope you can add it. However, for the promotion of script killing and the bun, the bigger contributors are still willing to mango TV’s variety show “Star Detective”. With the help of traffic stars, superb editing and directing level, and the promotion of the platform, the script killing and even the real-life game will soon be released. The model is displayed to more user groups and social cognition.

PS: The popularity of Werewolf Killing also relied on variety shows to bring goods. It has to be said that the power of stars to bring goods is infinite. It’s just that the werewolf has the disadvantage of killing the innate, which led to the fact that he finally lay down (you can also use this history if you have time)

[Offline real-life RPG game] Compared with the secret room and the script, it is a proper junior, but because it is a junior, it has learned the advantages of the senior, but left behind a noble disease.

As early as 2015 or even earlier, some awesome things began to be heard in the back room circle. One or several big back room brands began to try to add NPCs to back room products, creating the first batch of 4.0 back rooms. (including us), these gave some ideas to the designers of the secret room who were later caught in the creative bottleneck, and gradually designed a new category – the immersive interpretation of the secret room.

That is to say, a large number of NPCs with acting skills are put into the secret room, replacing the voice and dummy of the agency. Although the cost suddenly soared, users flocked and gathered in large numbers, forming a top brand.

At the end of 2017, the real offline RPG game was born. It is actually the evolution of the immersive interpretation of the secret room with continuous genetic mutation development. In this product, the designers realized that the obstacles to the game experience can be removed by the level, and instead the game’s goals were launched in the form of tasks, events, plot fate, and character relationships, which completely formed a new kind of experience, which also got some inspiration from video games and online games.

Users found that there is no moving line and no fixed plot under such a product, but when they can let go of their hands and feet to be themselves, they are better immersed in the game world and gradually addicted.

The data shows that for an excellent RPG game, some players can replay more than 100 times, while the secret room and script are basically only 1.2 to 1.5 times. This magnitude difference makes it possible for RPG games to break through the ceiling of live-action games, and it is also the direction that many brands have been exploring in the next few years.

But why do you say that RPG games have a noble disease? It is because of the involvement of a large number of professional NPCs, huge scenes, and a large number of exquisite costumes and props that the cost of RPG games has increased rapidly. Not only is the investment large, but maintenance costs and management costs are also high. It is a pity that many high-quality works were closed down because of excessive costs. This is also the reason why RPG games are so good, but their market holdings are low.

However, with the integration of the cultural tourism market and real-life games in the past two years, the natural disadvantage of RPG games is no longer a problem in the cultural tourism market. Later, when we talk about the market of different types of products, we will focus on it.

Therefore, the development history of these three big live-action game giants is so seen. Escape room is like a big brother, script killing is like a little sister out of the circle, RPG games are like the youngest arrogant brother, and of course, there are uncle-level haunted houses before. , live-action shooting, etc… and there are actually many different types of live-action games in foreign countries, either because of cultural differences, or because the introduction cost is too high, etc. We have not contacted them yet, but the industry’s It’s much more than that.

3. User attributes of [Escape Room], [Script Killing], and [Offline Reality RPG Game]

Let’s take a look at the three products, the differentiation of market users. This is very important. If you are a store investor who wants to enter this industry, or a designer who is about to join this industry, or even a big man in cultural tourism and real estate, it is very important to understand the classification of their users.

It is undeniable that the three types of products have overlapping user groups. These user groups are often a large number of senior players and practitioners. They will not be picky about the type of game, but pay more attention to the core of the game. But in addition to this, there are more new users. They can’t distinguish the type of products. They just play games at will according to the market recommendation. At this moment, their sexual orientation is unstable, and they do not know what suits them. Wrong entry may also lead to them. Give up the industry.

So let’s bypass overlapping users first and analyze each type of tendentious users –

【Escape Room】User Analysis

We often say that users of room escape are the most direct real-life game consumers, and the potential users are relatively large, which is determined by the properties of room escape.

Today’s escape room has long been developed to no longer decipher as the core, but to build levels through immersive interpretation and interactive experience, and finally sublime the player’s experience with plots, sound and light effects, and performances.

Under such a product, the sense of achievement will not be created for the purpose of hindering the player, but with the player’s abundant emotional feelings as the sense of achievement, then the threshold will drop to a very low level, and any user can easily participate in the game and enjoy the game , even the so-called soy sauce players can enjoy the experience only as a bystander when they do not participate in any level. Such a user threshold is bound to attract potential users more easily.

At the same time, the experience time of escape room products is generally between 1 hour and 1.5 hours. The time is neither long nor short. The fragmented time of leisure and entertainment is a good reorganization of players in the multi-layer entertainment consumption in the business circle. blank period. The ability to convert potential users and attract customers has been further strengthened. Many users will be more likely to choose secret room products in a short time fragmentation cycle.

Therefore, the users of the secret room are more comprehensive, whether it is a fragmented user, a new user, a target user or an experienced user (here refers to some common secret rooms, not the secret rooms that have always been high-end specializing in high-end immersive interpretation)

【Script Killing】User Analysis

The characteristics of general script killing are more suitable for senior users, because the game mode of script killing is based on reasoning, and there is a high level of interaction between users. Find out the truth quickly. The gameplay of all these looks rich and interesting, but they are all based on sufficient player participation, as well as concentration, IQ, and emotional intelligence.

Such a product structure is inherently not suitable for new users, because it is too brain-intensive, plus a lot of reading and memory before the game starts, which makes many users easily confused at the beginning. In the process of gaming, high-intensity concentration is also required, which often exhausts new users who are confused.

Therefore, many new users who are killed by the script rely on the old users to lead the entry into the pit. If there is no hands-on education, new users will easily lose after the first experience.

Fragment users are actually not suitable. The key problem is that the time period for script killing and emotional investment is too long. Generally, the time of script is about 2.5 hours. Because from obtaining clues, communicating to reasoning, and even understanding the ingenious design of the script, too short a time cannot support the sublimation of this experience. But for many customers who play in business circles, it is difficult for them to spend more than 2.5 hours to participate in a game (plus admission and replay, many scripts usually take about 4 hours)

Then the user group of script killing is mainly the people who have experience in script and have direct consumption target. And gradually such users formed a circle. They didn’t like to play scripts with new users, but they always formed teams within the circle, and then frantically brushed various books.

Behind the circle culture is the rapid consumption of design creativity. Nowadays, the life cycle of the script has been squeezed from 2-3 years in the early days to 1-2 months now. The reason for this consumption is not only piracy and plagiarism, but also lies in The proportion of scripts and the people served is unbalanced. To put it bluntly, the speed of script creation has far exceeded the development speed of the market.

PS: Of course, some of the latest scripts with special attributes are lowering this threshold, such as drinking books, you can also learn about them.

【Offline real RPG game】User analysis

The very distinct advantages of RPG games are that users can directly feel them. It is more free in experience, more diverse in gameplay, easy to form a sense of personal achievement, and overwhelmingly immersive. Not only new users, but also senior users can find different happiness in the same product, and it is also easy to form interactive cooperation between the two, which is more suitable for social attributes.

In addition, the freedom and low threshold of RPG games make it easy for users to form an over-grown experience. Users can understand how to play the game at the first contact. After playing in-depth, they find that the game can be ever-changing. This experience is unique because users and Games are growing, so there are players who replay 100 times.

But I mentioned earlier that RPG games are aristocrats, and the cost is extremely high, which leads to the cost of an RPG game far exceeding the secret room and script, and naturally the ticket price is very high. Therefore, the users of market development are not lost because the product is not fun, but because of high tickets. This has led to the fact that the current profitable RPG games are basically in first-tier cities.

In addition, in the cultural tourism and commercial market modules, we also found that the natural users of these sectors and the user attributes of RPG games are highly overlapped, so when developing such scenarios with RPG games, it is easier to obtain user information than secret rooms and script killing. Acknowledge and welcome.

4. Market investment value and application characteristics of [Escape Room], [Script Killing], and [Offline Reality RPG Game]

Finally, in this module, we will deeply explore the characteristics and investment value of these three types of investment in the market, as well as their investment direction.

The business and market logic of 【Escape Room】

In addition to the upgrade of experience, each product upgrade of escape room is also an upgrade of cost. From 1.0, a small game product that can be built in a residential building room, to now 4.0 scene has been arranged as an interactive game drama like a movie stage, the cost may have increased by 20-50 times in essence. Especially in first- and second-tier cities, the investment scale of more than one million belongs to the entry level, and even some third- to fifth-tier costs, the average investment easily exceeds one million.

With such a high threshold cost, it is almost impossible for thin self-employed entrepreneurs to join the industry today. If it fails, huge losses are also in front of you, and many new young people with ideas will stop moving because of the high cost, which leads to the entrants who are often only pure and naive investors. And the result is all kinds of death or all kinds of cheating. Now there are fewer and fewer high-quality new brands emerging, which proves this problem.

In addition, the secret room is not only the product that is king, the secret room industry has long passed the golden period of savage growth. You can’t sell a broken gourd at a good price. Even in the industry, even a golden gourd may not be able to sell for a good price.

Because the market is already very mature, and like many traditional real economies, products are one aspect, and management, cost efficiency, and marketing and publicity all play a role that is not inferior to products. In addition, it is very realistic that the issue of equity has gradually become another factor in pulling cross-brands. Under these comprehensive problems, it is very difficult to survive step by step.

However, it is still fortunate that the escape room has always grasped the user’s traffic entrance, and the balance of competition has begun to gradually balance. Factors such as high-quality products and good operation management will become more and more clear and directly equal to the revenue of the store. This is A sign of an industry maturing.

The business and market logic of 【Script Killing】

From my personal understanding of the script killing industry, I think it is obviously a bloated state of the industry, commonly known as serious involution. Although the secret room is also serious, it is not as good as the script killing 30% of the industry.

Script killing is originally a very high-quality industry, with strong and rich creative ability, stable and healthy user groups, and balanced store investment and income ratio.

The creative ability is strong, and it is much larger than the secret room. The reason is that the mechanism of the script is relatively simple, and it is easy to form a high-quality work as long as the story is brilliant. In addition to the plot, the secret room also needs various elements such as organs and checkpoints, which is relatively difficult and requires high professionalism. Therefore, a large number of design creators have devoted themselves to the script killing industry.

The user group is stable and healthy. I have analyzed the user circle problem before. Such a circle can easily promote a good script to the heat, and it is easy to form the rules and atmosphere of the user group, which is very suitable for in-depth exploration of users. Possibilities, to put it bluntly After all, it is very cost-effective to do marketing.

The store’s input-to-income ratio is balanced, because the investment in the script generally only needs 100,000-400,000 to open a store. Compared with secret rooms and RPG games, the cost is so low that anyone can start a business. Moreover, the ticket price is reasonable, the operating cost is low, and it is relatively easy and easy to make money, so it is easy to create a wealth myth. Coupled with the fact that some people who opened stores with scripts, the ultimate goal is to become designers, then design can further improve personal income.

However, the above is the state in the early stage of script killing. Today’s script killing industry is a bit magical.

The difficulty of creation is low, so that any cat or dog can write a script. There are many plagiarized and modified versions. These works have greatly impacted the original or quasi-excellent works. Some people may refute that users in the script circle can distinguish the authenticity, but how can new users distinguish it. They were fortunate enough to participate in the script killing, but they just opened a book and played it, and they ended up being lost. This is the normal state of the script killing market to attract customers.

So where does high-quality creation go? They still exist, but they are all serving users in the circle. How many users are there? Taking a city like Chongqing as an example, there are only more than a thousand people. After they finish playing the high-quality books, they will definitely urge the boss to introduce new books. In a vicious circle, the classic books will gradually become ashes. In the end, you will find that each script-killing store is supporting its old customers and preparing new products for them, and the loyalty of old customers often lies in the book. Whoever has a good book is their customer, then the store owner To survive, either desperately buy new and good copies, or stealthily steal the version.

No matter how good a book is, it only has a highlight period of 1-2 months. No matter how hard you struggle, it will be difficult for more than 1 year. In this case, although creators can make money, the pressure on their creation is also fatal. When quantity beats quality, the result is only sadness. Of course, who is the driving force behind, who is actually making money, and what is the truth about the circumstances of the script killing, I may also start a special chapter in the future.

Therefore, the risk that the store killed by the script will face is a lot of competition. From the moment you open a store, you will find that your core is not long-term hard work, although the operation and management of the script-killing store are also important, and the products are also important. But as an operator, the sense of security is very poor, day and night to pay for the capital, day and night training DM to prevent him from changing jobs, day and night care of your customers to prevent them from going to the next door. When the accounts are settled at the end of the month, you may find that you have hardly made any money, decide to write your debut, and then find yourself entering another big hole. This is the business environment of script killing.

The business and market logic of [offline real-life RPG game]

Although the user group of RPG games is broad, the investment cost is very high. Generally, according to the theme, the construction area of ​​a single theme is more than 300 square meters, and even thousands of large ones. The investment cost is naturally in the millions, and this is only one theme. . Not to mention the data, the high cost alone is enough to make many investors timid.

In addition, RPG games need to support a lot of other resources, such as a strong NPC actor team, management team, training team, etc. For this product, you often need to raise more than ten actors and management teams, plus management teams. The front desk, maintenance and other personnel often spend more than 100,000 yuan on labor every month.

Why do some brands still build RPG games under such circumstances? It is because such products have extremely high business value and strategic significance. If the management is decent, it is still easy to make money. After all, the scarcity of RPG games leads to very small competition, and the user base is large, so the passenger flow is not a problem at all. Secondly, this type of product will have a better response in the user group, and it has a very high role in brand promotion and user positioning. If it is used to drain traffic for other products, it can have a very good effect.

Looking at it this way, RPG games are actually a bit like a real-life game nuclear weapon in the hands of a brand, with high R&D and manufacturing costs, and high maintenance costs, but the blessings for brands and designers are particularly obvious, and they also have corresponding Combat ability (revenue), and few opponents.

However, although nuclear weapons are powerful, not everyone can have them. What kind of person is suitable? In addition to strong funds and outstanding product research and development capabilities, a team with rich experience in live game operation is also required. These conditions are not simple. At the same time, they are all now some big brand companies.

RPG games are indeed very limited in the real economy and have high costs, but in some new fields and tracks, they will completely let go, such as the mentioned cultural tourism and commercial real estate.

After the cultural tourism and commercial real estate are facing more and more intense market compression, a large number of idle maps and application scenarios have been released. These places already have formed shells and the rental cost is extremely low. In some cultural tourism and commercial projects, they themselves employ a large number of performers or other staff, and they can be well developed into game workers.

These attributes not only cover the input cost and operating cost of the RPG game itself, but also the user type boundary of the RPG game can take care of the customer base of the cultural tourism and commercial real estate projects themselves, and at the same time, the RPG game attributes of strong drainage也会持续的为文旅和商业地产输血,看似这就是一种比较好的双赢局面。









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