Tencent adjusts the assessment mechanism and optimizes the talent evaluation system

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 Titanium Media App reported on June 9, according to LatePost, Tencent is reforming the talent management system of the whole group. The reform directions include: simplifying performance appraisal, decentralizing promotion power and strengthening cadre management. This is another adjustment made by Tencent for talent management after the adjustment of the "professional rank system" in 2019. As for management cadres, in addition to examining their team management capabilities, Tencent also added two new evaluation dimensions: cost reduction and efficiency improvement and compliance risk management. The pay adjustment mechanism has also changed. It is understood that in the future, Tencent will not make immediate salary adjustments for rank promotions (including management rank promotions) alone, but will make unified adjustments during the employee salary review at the end of the year. A Tencent person analyzed that this adjustment is to decompress and pressure employees and managers at the same time.

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