Tencent announced that its self-developed business has been fully migrated to the cloud

Today, Tencent announced that after years of hard work and innovation, a large number of internal self-developed businesses have been fully migrated to the cloud. According to statistics, in the past three years, the scale of Tencent’s self-developed business on the cloud has exceeded 50 million cores, and the cumulative cost savings exceeded 3 billion. .

This means that Tencent’s internal businesses, including QQ, WeChat, Tencent Video, King of Glory, etc., are developed and operated based on the public cloud model like Tencent Cloud’s millions of external customers, and Tencent has fully opened a new era of business cloud growth.

“This is a milestone in Tencent’s self-developed cloud strategy.” Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent Group and CEO of the Cloud and Smart Industry Business Group, said: “Moving Tencent’s internal massive business to the cloud will not only help Tencent build future-oriented technologies The structure and R&D culture have promoted technology to become the driving force and support for the company’s business development and product innovation, and comprehensively tempered Tencent Cloud’s product, technology and comprehensive service capabilities. These capabilities will accelerate the digital upgrade of the industry and help the overall development of the real economy. “

Tencent launched an overall strategic upgrade in 2018, and established a technical committee to clarify the two major technical strategies of “open source collaboration” and “self-developed cloud”. Among them, the self-developed cloud is mainly to transfer the massive self-developed business within Tencent Group, including social, game, content and other businesses to the cloud.

Tencent opens a new era of business cloud growth

Tencent’s rich business scenarios and complex business forms have allowed Tencent Cloud to accumulate rich practical experience in the process of migrating to the cloud.

Most of the business is going to the cloud in the process of maintaining rapid growth. For example, QQ is Tencent’s first internal business to fully migrate to the cloud. By moving such a huge and complex business to the cloud, the technical team has realized zero perception of users, which is called “changing engines while driving a plane”.

At the same time, Tencent Cloud also provides strong support for the rapid development of emerging businesses. Taking the video account as an example, with the elastic expansion capability of Tencent Cloud, the video account has steadily supported large-scale online concerts of stars such as West City Boys, Jay Chou, Cui Jian, etc. Thanks to the object storage COS and Tencent Cloud live broadcast service, the video account is in During special periods such as the Spring Festival, the business peak was more than three times higher than usual.

Tencent Conference has become the most popular cloud video conference product in China by virtue of its large-scale practice of being born in the cloud and growing in the cloud. Relying on the industry-leading real-time audio and video product TRTC, Tencent Conference can effectively protect hundreds of millions of users in complex network environments. Smooth and clear video conferencing experience.

In addition, Tencent Cloud’s global infrastructure is also strongly supporting Tencent’s game overseas team to expand into the international market. Tencent Cloud’s global infrastructure and rich cloud product capabilities, especially the global network jointly optimized by both parties, have supported the successful launch and smooth promotion of Tencent’s various games in overseas markets, bringing leading gaming experiences to users around the world.

At present, Tencent Cloud operates 71 availability zones in 27 regions on five continents, and has more than 2,800 acceleration nodes at home and abroad.

Tencent builds the largest cloud-native practice in China

In the past three years, the scale of self-developed business with tens of millions of cores on the cloud has promoted the continuous optimization of Tencent Cloud’s self-developed product capabilities. The performance of many products has reached the industry-leading level, and it has also promoted the continuous improvement of Tencent Cloud’s global infrastructure.

Tencent’s self-developed cloud platform is clearly based on cloud native to build a future-oriented technical architecture. For example, through technologies such as containers and microservices, Tencent has built a unified technical base and computing power scheduling platform, which effectively promotes the collaboration and innovation of the company’s internal technical teams.

At present, Tencent Cloud’s TKE platform has the largest Kubernetes cluster in China and the most advanced offline co-location technology. Tencent Cloud has created the largest cloud-native practice in China.

According to statistics, through Tencent’s self-developed business, nearly 100 achievements have been reused in the public cloud, driving the overall improvement of Tencent Cloud’s overall product and technical capabilities.

Compared with the self-developed cloud server, the performance loss of the cloud server relative to the physical server is reduced to 0, the storage performance of CBS is improved by 13 times, the packet forwarding capability of the network is improved by 7.6 times, and the offline service co-location capability of TKE makes the server resource utilization rate from From 30% to 65%, the TRTC background architecture supports the number of interactive users in a single room to increase dozens of times to 1 million, and the protection capacity of anti-DDoS products has been increased to the T-level level, which significantly improves the threat resistance capability. At the same time, Tencent Cloud has successively launched many industry-leading products including Xingxinghai server, 100G cloud server, elastic container service EKS, etc.

Among them, the Xingxinghai server incubated in the process of self-development and cloud migration is customized according to the optimal technical route, and its cost performance is 30% higher than that of the industry, and the measured performance of each business is improved by more than 20%.

Tencent Cloud has continuously tempered Tencent Cloud’s products and technologies, greatly improving the competitiveness and reputation of related products in the industry. These leading technology products are being continuously opened to external customers through Tencent Cloud, in the general direction of digital-real integration. Helping all walks of life to upgrade digitally.


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