Tesla and other advanced driving systems raise safety concerns

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) disclosed that in the past 10 months, nearly 400 car crashes in the United States involved vehicles with advanced driver-assistance technology. From July 1 last year to May 15 this year, six people were killed and five seriously injured in 392 incidents recorded by the agency. 273 incidents involved the use of the “Autopilot Assisted Driving” feature, the more thorough “Full Self-Driving” mode or any component function associated with it. Five of these Tesla accidents have resulted in fatalities. NHTSA Administrator Steven Cliff pointed out that the current data does not take into account factors such as the number of vehicles on the road by various manufacturers and equipped with such technology. In the U.S., about 830,000 Tesla vehicles are equipped with Autopilot — which explains why Tesla vehicles account for nearly 70 percent of reported accidents in the data.

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