TGDC 2022 will open its first public recruitment of guest speakers

The 2022 Tencent Game Developers Conference hosted by Tencent Game Academy
, referred to as TGDC) is planned to be held offline in Shenzhen in August.

As an annual industry event for game developers, TGDC is committed to building an open and professional industry exchange and sharing platform. Like the past five conferences, TGDC encourages game developers from different companies and fields at home and abroad to sign up and share. To this end, this conference also opened a special registration channel for external sharing guests for the first time.

This TGDC conference plans to set up six special sessions, covering product, technology, art, market, independent games and social value. From now until 24:00 on May 30, developers with systematic and unique insights on the above aspects can submit sharing issues through the registration link or scanning the QR code.

6 years of professional accumulation, a more professional and open industry stage

At present, the game industry is ushering in new opportunities and challenges. New breakthroughs have been made in the fields of products, technologies, and markets. Concepts such as metaverse and industrialization have triggered waves of heated discussions in the industry. Under the development trend of integration, the technical capabilities accumulated by games are creating new value for all walks of life and becoming a “super digital scene” with rich possibilities.

In order to promote the co-construction of the industry ecology, we will further explore the future of the game. Since 2017, Tencent Game Academy has started to hold TGDC. The conference brings together professional celebrities from all over the world to share the most cutting-edge and in-depth thinking and experience in the game industry.

In the past 5 years, TGDC has continuously accumulated the content of dry goods in the industry, and has exported a large number of professional opinions and experiences. The topics cover different fields of the game industry and continue to extend beyond the game industry. Today, TGDC hopes to carry more diverse thinking collisions in the game industry with a more open attitude.

Since the first TGDC, the producers of domestic top products such as “Honor of Kings” and “Tianya Mingyue Knife”, as well as the producers of well-known overseas game IPs such as “League of Legends” and “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” have continued to share the background of product innovation on the stage of TGDC. Thinking. With the continuous upgrading and opening of the conference, the third TGDC took the lead in launching the game value forum section, becoming a pioneer in the game industry to explore the diversified value of games from a technical level.

Since 2020, affected by the epidemic, TGDC has been held online, allowing more people to have the opportunity to watch guest speeches and conduct online interactions and exchanges. At the content level, TGDC also continues to adhere to the principle of industry co-construction and discussion, and invites more guests from different fields to share. For example, at TGDC in 2021, more than 50% of the topics shared are from practitioners or professionals other than Tencent Games, including Olympic champion Deng Yaping, game engine technical experts from Epic Games China, “VALORANT”, “Shadow Torch City” and other well-known Game producers and related university scholars engaged in game technology and discipline construction such as Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University. Front-line practitioners in different industries and people from all walks of life have continued to exchange new ideas, look forward to new trends, and explore new opportunities through independent speeches, roundtable conversations and other forms on the stage of previous TGDCs, focusing on different hotspots in different stages of the game industry.

Today, TGDC has gathered the experience sharing of more than 134 game developers and professionals around the world, and has become one of the largest and most influential game industry exchange and sharing platforms in China.

We sincerely invite guests to discuss the future of the industry and look forward to your joining

As the first conference to openly recruit speakers in the past 6 years, TGDC 2022 will connect developers in more fields inside and outside the game industry with a more diverse perspective and a more open form. The organizer of the conference, Tencent Game Academy, sincerely invites more practitioners and professionals who pay attention to the development of the game industry to join us, stand on the stage of TGDC, and share their experience and experience in exploring the development of the game industry.

This year’s TGDC speaker registration and topic submission will close at 24:00 on May 30th. For the successfully selected speakers, the conference will provide professional speech training services for them, and will be in the conference warm-up, live broadcast and post-conference publicity. Provide a large number of exposure resources, so that the opinions and content worth sharing can reach more people.

Industry exploration, non-stop. TGDC 2022 will continue to provide the latest game development experience for domestic and foreign game practitioners, college students, people from all walks of life and game lovers through a more open guest lineup and more innovative and in-depth discussions, and jointly look forward to the industry and academia. development trend. We look forward to all parties working with Tencent Game Academy to jointly promote the healthy development of the game industry and explore more possibilities in the game industry.

About Tencent Game Academy:

Founded in December 2016, Tencent Game Academy is a platform established by Tencent Games to create game knowledge sharing and industry exchanges. The healthy development of the industry helps gamers “achieve their game dreams”.

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