The boss himself went to work

The boss himself went to work

After the May 1st holiday, I actually only had three days of work, but I felt that the time was very long. Before May 1st, all arrangements were pushed to after the festival on the grounds of “waiting for the epidemic to pass” and “waiting for May 1st”. Unexpectedly, after the holiday, the executives made it clear that they “adhere to dynamic clearing and unswerving”, and even postponed the Asian Games and other events. As a result, many things still cannot be advanced on the spot. Had to switch back to online. I communicated online with customers in Indonesia, Qingdao, and Tibet successively. After chatting, I learned that Indonesia has completely lifted the epidemic control, and people rushed to the streets to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. Epidemic prevention in various parts of the country is still increasing layer by layer. Farmers in Tangshan even have to work in the fields secretly at night. It is not easy for farmers to grow some food.

The issue of food security concerns everyone. Although it has always been emphasized that the “four-level chief responsibility system” should be implemented for food security, it seems that only the highest level pays attention to it. Especially this spring, agricultural affairs in various places made way for the epidemic, which seriously affected agricultural production. Under the consideration of the secretary of the county party committee, the choice of epidemic control instead of rushing to the farm is probably because the epidemic control within the jurisdiction is not strong, and the hat is not guaranteed. Food is in full circulation, and if there is a shortage, the whole country will be in short supply. It doesn’t matter whether I plant it here, or whether it is more or less.

Major institutions and governments around the world generally expect a global food and energy crisis. In addition, major global stock markets are also bleak. Everyone analyzes the reasons for the Fed raising interest rates and shrinking their balance sheets. The epidemic has disrupted the global supply chain and Russia invaded Ukraine. There are three reasons. What I have observed is that the expectations of both operators and consumers have been reduced a lot. People generally reduce investment and consumption expectations to resist possible risks.

First of all, the market demand of enterprises is seriously insufficient, and they have to stop business expansion, lay off employees or reduce R&D investment. The most obvious is that the supply and demand of electronic components were booming last year. This year, there is supply but no demand. Last year, many people stocked up and fried components It’s all in their own hands. Even if they sell at a loss, they don’t have customers. There is really no demand. If the economy fails to pick up, this pass-through effect will spread to more industries.

The second is that residents reduce household expenditures. If market entities cannot make profits, corporate employees will have no income, and they have to take the initiative to reduce consumption expectations. During May 1st, I went to the 4S shop to maintain the car. I sat in the car sales hall all morning, but I didn’t see anyone who came to buy a car or even consulted. In addition, camping is very hot this year, as long as there is a lawn, it will be occupied. A family sits in a tent on the grass for a day, and the time will pass. There is no food and beverage consumption, no hotel accommodation, and even homestays are not needed. Also, during the May 1st Golden Week this year, I didn’t see a crowded tourist attraction. Mount Tai, Mount Huang and West Lake were all silent. Tourism is not without bleak. At the beginning of this year, I visited a friend’s company in a certain city. After talking about business, I proposed to think of a well-known scenic spot of them. My friend asked a back office lady to drive me there. After chatting on the road, I found out that the eldest sister and her husband ran a family of ten Several people are travel agencies, and they specially receive a group of photographers for bird hunting in local scenic spots. The photographers have money and leisure, and they do not move their nests for half a day at a bird hunting spot, which is very easy to bring. After the epidemic, the passenger flow disappeared, and the travel agency was disbanded. The old man opened a special car, and he did back office work at a friend’s house. In the scenic spot that day, the eldest sister explained to me a very serious profession. Obviously, she still loves this profession.

The boss himself has gone to work, and the situation of the employees can be imagined. What is even more frightening is that there are more than 10 million new college graduates this year. There may not be enough traditional jobs to accommodate these people when the economy is booming, let alone now. The earliest manufacturing industry was the largest reservoir of employment, and later it was the Internet giant. At the beginning of this year, the big factories wanted to “optimize” their employees. It was difficult for graduates to enter. ” of the object. Some young people with ideas began to take the initiative to work flexibly (to make a living), working as takeaway boys, live broadcasts, podcasters, and airdrop hunters. Maybe this group of people will never find a 996 job full of good news in the future.

Because these people do not have a fixed work unit, a fixed salary, and no unit pays five insurances and one housing fund for them, they will not have credit in the national financial system, and they will not enjoy the financial credit services provided by centralized financial institutions. Fortunately, DeFi driven by blockchain is developing rapidly, and airdrop hunters have been widely involved in DeFi from the beginning. In the future, their credit in the decentralized financial world will be much higher than that in the central bank.

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