The capital loss rate is less than 0.98/100,000,000, and the Alipay intelligent anti-fraud system was selected as the TOP30 highest award of the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference

The 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) will be held from September 1st to September 3rd. Yesterday, the Organizing Committee of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference announced the 2022 WAIC highest award SAIL Award TOP30 list, Alipay intelligent risk perception and response joint anti-fraud system was selected.

In recent years, risks such as telecommunications fraud and credit fraud have been escalating, and the methods of black production have become increasingly concealed, and crime tends to be gang-like, making it more and more difficult to identify risks; in the process of risk management, banks, merchants and payment institutions are different from different Dimensionally perceive risks and carry out independent confrontation. Due to the lack of data circulation methods, effective synergy has not yet been formed.

In this context, Alipay independently developed an intelligent risk perception and response joint anti-fraud system. Based on technological innovations such as trusted artificial intelligence, graph computing, blockchain, and privacy computing, Alipay has realized the risk of prevention beforehand, monitoring during the event, and disposal after the event. Control autonomous driving and cross-industry joint prevention and control. At present, the system has been applied to Alipay and its partners, providing guarantee for account security and payment security of more than one billion users worldwide and hundreds of millions of transactions every day. According to the latest data, with the support of the Ant Intelligent Risk Control System behind the project, Alipay’s asset loss rate is less than 0.098 parts per ten million, far ahead of the industry.


The SAIL Award (Superior AI Leader) is one of the highest-level awards in the field of artificial intelligence. It is selected annually to recognize projects that have made directional technological breakthroughs, applied innovations and changed human life in the global artificial intelligence field. This year, a total of 800 project applications have been submitted, bringing together circuits such as chips, robotics, finance, medical care, education, intelligent driving, drug research and development, and urban management, including many leading technology companies such as Alipay, Huawei, Baidu, Amazon, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Participate in reporting with scientific research institutions.

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