The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences will carry out intelligent machine technology actions to promote the technological innovation and development of agricultural machinery and equipment

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 Titanium Media App reported on August 16 that Wu Kongming, President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said at the Smart Machine Science and Technology Action Conference held on the 16th that he will focus on improving the level of research and development and application of agricultural machinery and equipment, and start the implementation of agricultural machinery and equipment to attack the core and make up for shortcomings. Intelligent technology action with board and strong intelligence. On the one hand, focus on the outstanding problems of agricultural machinery and equipment, and carry out scientific and technological research on efficient, intelligent and green agricultural machinery. It will focus on key tasks such as the intelligentization of production equipment for major grain crops, the self-sufficiency of key core technologies for production equipment for cotton, oil, and commercial crops, and the comprehensiveization of weak links and regional production equipment. Mountain and other key equipment technologies, and accelerate the mechanization, intelligence, and green development of agricultural production. On the other hand, strengthen the integration of the industrial chain and the innovation chain, and carry out collaborative innovation of agricultural machinery, technology, enterprises, and production. It is also necessary to grasp the scientific research law of agricultural machinery equipment research and development, and carry out the construction of agricultural machinery innovation platform. For example, promote the construction of full-scale mechanization and unmanned test bases, and provide comprehensive mechanized solutions for regional agricultural production; deepen the "going out" R&D demonstration center of agricultural equipment by building international cooperation platforms, carrying out technical exchanges, and building international cooperation networks. construction, etc.

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