The construction of the first hydrogen production project of the Three Gorges Group has started, and it is expected that the power station will be connected to the grid and the output of hydrogen energy will be realized within this year.

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Pinwan, August 29th, China Three Gorges Group officially announced that on August 28th, the first hydrogen production project of Three Gorges Group, the Narisong photovoltaic hydrogen production industry demonstration project in Zhunger Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region officially started construction. The project is expected to realize the grid connection of the power station and the output of hydrogen energy within the year.

Han Leiyan, deputy director of the Digital Department of Three Gorges Energy Technology, said that this is their first project in the field of hydrogen energy, and is committed to the research and development of key technologies such as hydrogen energy production, storage, and application.

After completion, 20% of the total power generation of the project will be directly transmitted to the local power grid, and the remaining 80% will be used for electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen and oxygen produced are mainly used in the chemical and transportation fields.

According to reports, the project includes two parts: a photovoltaic power station and a hydrogen production plant. The total installed capacity of the photovoltaic power station is 400 megawatts and the average annual power generation is 740 million kWh.

In addition, its hydrogen production plant has a total installed capacity of 75 MW, including 15 alkaline electrolyzers of 1,000 standard cubic meters per hour and one standby alkaline electrolyzer of 1,000 standard square meters per hour, with an annual production utilization hours of 8,000 hours It can produce about 10,000 tons of hydrogen and 85,000 tons of oxygen by-product every year.

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