Macau revises “Tobacco Control Law” to completely ban the manufacture and sale of electronic cigarettes


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 According to the Titanium Media App on August 29, the plenary meeting of the Legislative Council of the Macau Special Administrative Region on the 29th passed the "Amendment of Law No. 5/2011 (Smoking Prevention and Control System"). In the future, the Macao SAR will prohibit the manufacture, distribution, sale, import and export of electronic cigarettes and tobacco products for oral or inhalation, including the prohibition of carrying such products out of and into the Macao SAR. The law will take effect 90 days after its promulgation. According to reports, after the law takes effect, e-cigarettes will no longer be able to enter the Macao SAR through any legal channels. Whether it is postal delivery, e-commerce, or smuggling, it is illegal. Violation of the above provisions will result in a fine of 4,000 patacas. If you pass through Macau with e-cigarettes, your luggage will not enter Macau, but it will not be affected if you only transit or transit.

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