The Cyberspace Administration of China issues a draft for comments on thread management

In accordance with the principle of “real name in the background and voluntary in the front desk”, the real identity information of registered users shall be verified, and the post comment service shall not be provided to users who have not verified their real identity information… Establish and improve post comment review management, real-time inspection, emergency response, and report acceptance and other information security management systems, the content of comments and comments on posts will be reviewed first and then released, and illegal and bad information will be discovered and handled in a timely manner, and reported to the network information department… Equipped with a review and editor team that matches the scale of service, and improve the professional quality of review editors … If a thread commenting service provider with public opinion attributes or social mobilization ability goes online to comment on new products, new applications, and new functions, it shall conduct a security assessment in accordance with relevant state regulations.
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