The economic recovery drives the recovery of profits, and 34 companies are the first to predict the third quarterly reports


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A-share listed companies’ three-quarter earnings forecasts have been released one after another. According to Wind statistics, as of the end of last week, a total of 51 companies had disclosed their forecasts for the first three quarters, and 34 companies had been pleased, accounting for nearly 70%. Among them, 16 pre-increase, 16 slightly increase, 2 continued profit. Based on the upper limit of net profit growth, 16 companies currently expect their net profit to increase by more than 50%, and 9 companies, including Yahua Group and Haiguang Information, are expected to double their net profit. In terms of different industries, among the 9 companies whose net profit is expected to double, 2 companies belong to the lithium battery material industry, 2 companies belong to the electronic equipment industry, and 1 company each belongs to the agriculture, power equipment, communication and other industries. (Securities Times)
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