The heat this year is the strongest since 1961

The National Climate Center confirmed that, considering the average intensity, impact range and duration of high temperature and heat wave events, the comprehensive intensity of regional high temperature events from June 13 to the present has reached the strongest level since complete meteorological observation records began in 1961 . The duration of this regional high temperature and heat wave event will continue to be prolonged, and the comprehensive intensity will be further enhanced. Since the summer (June 1 to August 15), a total of 914 national meteorological stations (accounting for 37.7% of the national total) have reached the daily maximum temperature of extreme high temperature events. Hebei, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, The daily maximum temperature of 262 national meteorological stations in Fujian, Guangdong, Qinghai and other places remained the same or exceeded historical extremes. Among them, Hubei Zhushan (44.6℃), Chongqing Beibei (44.5℃), Fengjie (44.4℃), Wuxi (44.0℃), Hebei Lingshou (44.2°C), Gaocheng (44.1°C), Zhengding (44.0°C), and Yunnan Yanjin (44.0°C) had a daily maximum temperature of 44°C and above. As of August 15, this high temperature event has lasted for 64 days, the longest duration since 1961 (more than 62 days in 2013); 1680 stations above 35℃ and 1426 stations above 37℃, both of which are the first in history. Erduo (second only to 2017, 1762 stations and 1443 stations respectively), but the coverage area above 40°C is the largest in history; the number of high temperature extreme stations is 262, which has exceeded 2013 (187 stations) and 2017 (133 stations) ).

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