The largest bull stock in A-shares has risen more than 3,600 times, but it is not Maotai?

In the history of China’s A-shares, there are 3 stocks that have increased by more than 1,000 times, but there is no Maotai in it? Which 3 are they? This article tells you!

Although China’s stock market has only been in existence for more than 30 years, and there are various problems, even so, a small group of big bull stocks with considerable gains have emerged.

Today, I would like to share with you the 20 big bull stocks with the highest growth in A-share history.

Among them, 17 rose more than 100 times , 11 rose more than 200 times , 6 rose more than 500 times , and 3 rose more than 1,000 times . The number one big bull stock rose by more than 3,600 times . times ! Heart is not heart? Want to know who it is?

Don’t sell off, go directly to the data.


Let’s see in groups:

Group 1 , there are 3 stocks with an increase of more than 1,000 times, namely :

1. Vanke A 3657.3 times in 31 years

2. Gree Electric Appliances 2449.77 times in 26 years

3. Fuyao Glass 1445.35 times in 29 years

Group 2, there are 3 stocks with an increase of 500 times to 1000 times, they are:

4. Luzhou Laojiao 663.31 times in 28 years

5. Yili ‘s 26-year 509.1 times

6. Yunnan Baiyao 503.79 times in 29 years

Group 3 , there are 5 stocks with an increase of 200 times to 500 times, they are:

7. Shanxi Fenjiu 299.81 times in 28 years

8. Kweichow Moutai 299.4 times in 21 years

9. Wanhua Chemical 212.17 times in 21 years

10, Pien Tze Huang 205.75 times in 19 years

11. TBEA 200.35 times in 25 years

Group 4 , there are 6 stocks with an increase of 100 times to 200 times, they are:

12. Wuliangye 181.4 times in 24 years

13. Changchun High-tech 26 years 159.15 times

14. Hengrui Medicine 146.44 times in 22 years

15. Huayu Automobile 129.47 times in 26 years

16. Ziguang Guowei 128.86 times in 17 years

17. Haier Zhijia 115.89 times in 29 years

Group 5 , there are 3 stocks with an increase of 70 times to 100 times, they are:

18. Tongce Medical has 83.76 times in 26 years

19. Oriental Yuhong 80.11 times in 14 years

20. Shanshan shares 74.74 times in 26 years


Sorted by the annualized rate of return, the position changes are relatively large, and it is still grouped.

1. There are 6 animals with an annualized rate of more than 30%, in order:

Oriental Yuhong 36.9%, Gree Electric 35.1%, Ziguang Guowei 33.2%, Pien Tze Huang 32.4%, Kweichow Moutai 31.3% and Vanke A 30.4%.

2. There are 11 with an annualized rate of return of more than 20%, in order:

Wanhua Chemical 29.1%, Fuyao Glass 28.6%, Yili 27.1%, Hengrui Medicine 25.5%, Luzhou Laojiao 25.2%, Wuliangye 24.3%, Yunnan Baiyao 24%, TBEA 23.7%, Shanxi Fenjiu 22.7%, Changchun High- tech 21.6% and Huayu Auto 20.7%.

3. There are 3 companies with an annualized rate of return of more than 15%, in order:

Tongce Medical 18.5%, Shanshan 18.2% and Haier Smart Home 17.9%.

Next, let’s take a look at their industry distribution:


In order to be more intuitive, I made it into a pie chart,


as the picture shows,

First of all, we see that the food and beverage and biopharmaceutical industries have the highest proportion, with 5 on the list, accounting for 25%.

The two together account for half of the entire list. Except for Yili shares in food and beverage, the other four are liquor shares.

The reason is that liquor has always been one of the highest industries in the A-share market in terms of gross profit margin and ROE. For example, Kweichow Moutai’s gross profit margin and ROE have remained above 90% and 25% all year round.

Similarly in the pharmaceutical industry, ROE is above 20% all year round. I shared it with you in the previous article, if you don’t understand it, you can read it again.

To emphasize again, long-term high ROE is the common gene of big bull stocks. These two industries have the highest proportion of long-term stocks, which are worthy of everyone’s attention.

Secondly, in the household appliances and auto parts industries, there are 2 companies on the list, accounting for 10%.

Let’s first look at the home appliance industry. Both are the leading companies in the home appliance industry, Gree Electric Appliances and Haier Zhijia , the gap is still quite large. Let’s do another comparison:

Growth: Gree has risen by 2449 times , Haier is only 115 times , and Gree is more than 20 times that of Haier.

ROE (annualized rate of return): Gree is 35.1% , while Haier is only 17.9% , Gree is almost 2 times that of Haier. Haier is the only company on the list with an annualized return of less than 18%.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that Haier is not excellent. The ones that can make the list are all super big stocks, but when compared with the better ones, the gap becomes apparent.

Why is there such a big gap? Looking at the financial statements of the past ten years, you can see that Gree is crushing Haier in terms of gross profit margin, net profit margin, and net profit growth rate. From the average ROE of the past 10 years, Gree is above 30%, and Haier is about 23%.

In Graham’s words, the stock market is a voting machine in the short run and a weighing machine in the long run . This means that short-term stock market volatility is determined by capital, while long-term performance must be determined by performance. This is the reason why Haier’s stock will lag behind Gree by so much for the same brand of home appliances.

Of course, Gree has obviously stalled in the past two years, and its diversified development has not been smooth. Haier has slowly caught up. Whether Gree can continue to be brilliant in the future, we will wait and see.

Next, let’s look at two companies in the auto parts industry, Fuyao Glass and Huayu Automobile .

Everyone should have heard of Fuyao Glass, the company of the great philanthropist Cao Dewang. As for Huayu Automobile, I don’t know much about it except the name. Don’t understand and don’t talk nonsense.

Why can these two companies stand out, but so many Chinese car brands are not on the list? Then I will briefly talk about my personal views, or provide you with a stock selection logic and ideas.

Why auto parts stocks are rising so well. In my opinion, it has caught up with the period of explosive growth in China’s auto sales in the last decade or two, which is a bonus for the industry.

This is the key. First of all, we must understand that a good industry does not mean that your company must be good. But as long as the industry is good, your upstream suppliers must be good.

Whether you have a gas car or an electric car, you have to install glass, you have to have interiors, that’s what they do.

That is to say, if you are optimistic about a certain industry, you can directly buy the stocks of upstream supplier companies. As long as the industry is booming, the suppliers are generally not bad. I don’t know if everyone understands this logic.

There is only one in each of the remaining industries, which is not very meaningful for reference and does not have any representativeness (mainly because I know less [laughing]), so I won’t talk about it more. If you want to study, you can find the information in private.

The average increase of the 20 bull stocks above is 577 times , and the average annualized rate of return is 26.32% . Interested friends, you can also check their historical average ROE, you will find that it is roughly equivalent to their annualized rate of return.

The stock selection principle of Warren Buffett is that the long-term ROE of the company should be stable at more than 20% . And his annualized rate of return for more than 60 years is exactly about 20% . Is this another coincidence?

The content shared today is a bit messy. In order to facilitate everyone’s better digestion, let’s make a summary:

1. Value investing is still feasible in China.

In the history of A-shares, 17 upstream stocks have increased by more than 100 times , 11 have increased by more than 200 times , 6 have increased by more than 500 times , 3 have increased by more than 1000 times , and the highest increase has exceeded 3600 times .

2. The big bull stocks that have risen for a long time have common characteristics.

The performance continues to grow steadily and high, with high ROE (generally more than 20% ), most of which are common brand companies.

3. The consumption and pharmaceutical industries account for the highest proportion of big bull stocks.

Globally, these two industries are also the most crowded with bull stocks. The characteristics of such companies are repeatable consumption, strong performance stability, and obvious brand advantages.

4. The average increase of these 20 bull stocks is 577 times, and the average annualized rate of return is 26.32%.

The highest increase was 3657.3 times , and the lowest was 74.74 times . The highest annualized rate of return is 36.9% and the lowest is 17.9% .

5. The probability of big bull stocks is still very low.

At present, there are more than 4,000 stocks in A-shares, and there are only 20 bull stocks with an increase of more than 74 times, with a probability of 0.5% (the statistics are not very rigorous, don’t be too serious. [害羞] ).

In the previous article, I have counted the returns of the broad-based index and the industry index. The broad-based index can almost reach 30 times in 30 years (annualized rate of return is 12% ), while a high-quality industry index such as the liquor industry has risen 52 times in 32 years , with an annualized rate of return of 13.3% .

Although the income is not as good as that of the big bull stocks, the probability of choosing from dozens of industries is much higher than choosing from more than 4,000 stocks. Therefore, I still recommend non-professional investors to focus on index funds.

I don’t know if you have held any of the 20 bull stocks above. If you can get it now, congratulations! If you have any ideas, welcome to discuss in the comment area!

Is it hard to make money from A shares? Data is slapped in the face! In 22 years, 20 industries have increased by more than 12 times, and the highest has increased by 118 times

#Zhu Shaoxing: There is no point in being overly pessimistic about the market.#

$Vanke A(SZ000002)$ $Gree Electric(SZ000651)$ $Fuyao Glass(SH600660)$

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