The stock market whip is whipped, and the investment rhythm cannot be lost

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This year, the epidemic has rebounded severely, and it will have some impact on life. Black and white, although this is a small N-tier city, it is not particularly serious, but the gym has also been closed for half a month.

In fact, the performance of the stock market is good or bad, and it basically has no effect on me. The stock market is easy to do for one or two years, but it is difficult to do it for one or two years. I have already adapted to this rhythm, so I have always had the habit of staying off the market for 3 to 5 years of living expenses. , except that it is a bit irritating when looking at the account, the rest is basically okay.

But I couldn’t exercise for half a month, which disrupted my sense of rhythm in life. I used to write and read books during the day, go to exercise heartily at night, come back to take a bath, watch the news, or listen to music , It has basically formed a habit, and now the rhythm is suddenly gone, and occasionally I still feel a little boring.

In the past two years, the market is really difficult to do. The value group has been hammered for three days and two days, and has been beaten for a year one after another. The trend is not to be hammered, and it will be directly hammered with one hammer. This year, the track shares fell by 50%. % or more abound.

This year, more than 3,900 companies in the stock market fell. Today, more than 4,300 companies in the stock market fell. The only advantage of everyone being beaten is that at least no one laughs at you.

Online stock critics, when the value is good, say that they are doing value, and when the trend is good, they say that they are doing the trend. Yes, this is a heavy blow to the industry of stock critics, but it can also make more friends who want to invest well realize the reality that investing is not a matter of getting rich overnight.

The sense of rhythm is disrupted, one is passive, such as my usual rhythm of life, because the epidemic is temporarily forced to not play. The other is active, and the music itself is played in 4-2 beats. If you have to dance in 8-6 beats, the rhythm must be chaotic.

The chaotic rhythm of many people in the stock market often comes from the second reason. The positioning of investment is inaccurate. The rhythm of the stock market is ups and downs. If you dance a dance step that rises every day, the natural rhythm will be chaotic.

To be honest, I don’t like this kind of day either. Who doesn’t like going up every day. No matter how calm the weather is, I’m more comfortable with more money. No matter how I don’t care about other people’s opinions, I feel that I have the confidence to speak up when it’s going up.

But expectations are expectations, and reality is reality.

When I was young, I was proud of the spring breeze, and I didn’t believe that there was a separation in the world.

When I grow up, I realize that nothing can be perfect. There are four seasons in a year, there are bulls and bears in the stock market, and there are separations in life. There will always be days that you don’t want to face, but you have to face.

Although the sunrise is beautiful, the sunset will also return to the mountains and sea.

In life, people always need to choose to persevere in some invisible times.

You don’t need to believe what you see, because it exists in itself. When you can’t see it, you need the courage to believe it, believe it, and it will be fine. He is still there and has a future.

We also have to accept the law and rhythm of everything, work, go to work and open a store. Most of the time, the rhythm is to spend a day and get a day’s money.

As for investment, its rhythm is to do it well for one or two years, and it is difficult to do it for one or two years. The combination of the good and the bad days is a complete cycle.

Since the choice is a undulating music, we have to learn to follow his rhythm swing.

The pain caused by the stock market is more because there was a problem with the positioning of this matter at the beginning, expecting to make money all the time in this market, hoping that you can win by just buying and selling in this market, and expectations that violate the basic laws will naturally lead to to torture.

When we understand that boring waiting and even retracements are part of the stock market, there is naturally nothing to worry about.

My second uncle in the countryside has no income in winter. He drinks and plays mahjong every day, but he is not anxious at all. He is so calm because he knows that he cannot change the law of the four seasons, and it is useless to be anxious.

Life is actually very simple. After today is tomorrow, what cannot happen tomorrow, don’t expect, and naturally there will be no disappointment.

The trough period of the stock market, study more, worry less, enjoy life more, and lose your temper less, is actually over soon.

Only by knowing the years step by step can we usher in joy and dawn.

If the positioning is wrong, the natural method will be wrong . Many people’s positioning of the stock market is that a place that wants to make money every day, year after year, always wants to make money all the time, and then always uses the stock market rules of the past period as a buy. Standard, I hope that the rise can continue a little more, and make some money by myself. The result can be imagined, every time I go against the rhythm.

At the beginning of 2021, due to the continuous rise of consumer goods in the past period, many people realized that consumer goods are a hot industry, so they bought arowana, Nongfu Spring, and various liquors.

As a result, I missed the time to eat meat, and I was in it when I digested the valuation.

By October 2021, after summarizing the experience of the past few months, many people have come to the conclusion that value investing is a trap, and trends are king. Looking around, new energy and photovoltaics are the current hot spots.

So, my King Ning, infinitely mad, sunshine power, sweeter than honey.

However, when most people agree that King Ning is invincible and Sungrow is perfect, this is likely to be their high point in the past one or two years. The stock prices of these companies have already deviated from their performance early. In terms of trends, even the last batch of People couldn’t help rushing in, what funds would there be to maintain the stock price in the future.

As I said many times last year, it is undeniable that these companies are indeed good companies, but it is impossible for any company to have unlimited overdraft performance.

Sungrow has fallen by more than 60% from December to the present, and CATL has fallen by 40% from December to the present. The key is that King Ning still has more than 90 PE, and Sungrow also has 60 PE.

In the second half of last year, many people persuaded me to buy some tracks too. My answer in the article is:


Summarizing what a good company is based on the growth rate over the past period is not investment ability or skill, but simply conformity.

Whether it is a trend or a value, there are times to make money, and there are times to wait. We have to have a sense of rhythm. When the beat is strong, earn hard, and when the beat is weak, be steady, don’t always try to jump out of the rhythm, In the end, you can only mess around.


I often feel that investing is still entrepreneurship or even life, and I feel a little good. Sometimes it seems that I am jumping around diligently, but in fact I am impatient. I always want to take shortcuts and accept the rules.


slow down

Whether doing business, investing, or ordinary work, everyone’s rhythm is different. You have to understand that every choice, every life trajectory, his peaks and troughs cannot be the same frequency, so walk well Don’t always envy the way of others.

Some people graduate at the age of 22, but they may wait five years to find a job that suits them. Some people have a successful career at the age of 25, but they may usher in a low point in their career at the age of 30.

Some people are still single at the age of 30, and some people have a broken marriage at the age of 30. Some people think that it is happiness to keep improving, and some people think that enjoying the moment is happiness.

You see those who are resting during the day, maybe they just stayed up all night after working the night shift, and you see those who are able to work well, most likely they gave up weekend rest and entertainment to constantly improve themselves.

Just look at a certain time, just look at the surface, there will always be someone luckier and happier than you, but in the long run, everyone has their own peaks and troughs, as well as different plans.

I always think that every moment is the best of all choices, and it will definitely become more and more impetuous.

A few days ago, we opened a tea shop here. Because it was the first one here, and the owner was a beautiful woman, she did Douyin marketing every day, so the business was very good.

So in less than half a month, more than a dozen cans of tea shops opened on the roadside. We have a hot pot restaurant downstairs. The business was good. I was envious of other people’s business and decided to change my business.

It can be imagined later that in such a small city, there are only so many people, how many people have spare time to drink tea, and there are a dozen of them at once, and most of them have no business. The result is that the imagined huge profits are not made, and the stable and profitable business is gone. If you change it back, the popularity will be reduced by half, and a lot of money will be wasted.

When we see this case, we may think that these people are too stupid. When they see that their business is good, they will do it. In the end, no one can do well in competition with each other. , just rushed in recklessly?

The rhythm of life is the best at the right time. Don’t be too fast or too early. Sometimes waiting is for you to be able to control it. Sometimes waiting is the law of things. We have to find our own sense of rhythm.



be steady

One of the signs that a person is getting better is becoming more stable

Emotionally stable , do not affect your mood because of the attitude of others, and do not make yourself restless because of the development of things.

At dinner last night, I was chatting with my daughter-in-law. I said that today was a lot of fun. I saw two big Vs in a row scolding others inexplicably.

One is because there is a data dispute in the text, and another big V pointed out the error. Of course, the person who pointed out the problem really had a bad tone, and the original author only replied with the word “go away”. The other is basically the same.

It is said that the temperaments of the people I usually follow are not too extreme. It may be that the recent epidemic and the stock market have made everyone’s mood more irritable.

How to say this kind of thing, as long as you choose to express your opinion, whether it is expressing your opinion on the Internet or expressing your opinion in a chat with friends, it is normal for others to disapprove of you.

Being misunderstood is the fate of the expressor, and there is nothing to complain about.

If you choose to share your views and enjoy the vanity and satisfaction brought by being recognized, you must know how to bear the negative opinions brought about by expression.

Nowadays, the push mechanism of the Internet, especially short videos, will make people more and more extreme. The more you like to watch something, he will always push similar content to you, which will gradually make us think that our opinion is the mainstream and the only one. In fact, everyone will have a different view on one thing from their own point of view.

At this time, friends with a slightly higher profile may think of a sentence, people with different views cannot recognize each other.

There is no problem with this sentence. It is true that the three views are different and cannot communicate, but we should pay attention to the fact that the three views are different, it does not mean that our three views are higher, and it is very likely that the three views of others are more correct.

I often see many friends use the phrase “three different views”, always with a faint sense of pride behind them, and have positioned themselves in their hearts that the “three different views” are that other people’s cognition is too low to understand themselves.

The premise of emotional stability is that our cognition of ourselves must be stable.

You always have a feeling that you are inviolable and absolutely right, and you are always affected by the negativity of others.

We should be grateful for well-founded advice.

For malicious slander, don’t worry too much, learn to let go. Even if you are right, misunderstandings are the norm in this world. You have tried your best to explain, and only those who believe in you will believe.

Know how to restrain in good times, know how to accept adversity.

You can’t feel that you are the best in life when things go smoothly. If you have a little adversity, you want to escape and give up. When you go up today, you feel like a god of stocks.

The second stability in life is the stability of expectations. Don’t always think about unrealistic things, get rich overnight, suddenly get rich, everyone likes you, and life will always be smooth.

Don’t look forward to things with small probability, treat all small probability good as unexpected joy, and at the same time prepare for all small probability bad, naturally you will not be disappointed, and you will naturally feel happy.

The third stability in life is ability stability. The premise of getting everything is that you have the corresponding ability.

The more you want to do things for a long time, the more you want to pursue certainty.

For example, in sports, there is a kind of football player called neurosurgery. It is the kind of football player who occasionally has a flash of inspiration and can perform at a level that surpasses everyone else. Most of the time, his performance is mediocre, and he often makes some low-level mistakes.

This kind of player may be liked, but it is difficult to become a superstar, because the coach will never dare to reuse him. Maybe in an important game, his performance is the lower limit.

The so-called ability does not need to pursue the ultimate high, but it must be stable enough. Only when it is stable enough can the victory be replicated repeatedly.

Doing beautiful things occasionally is not a real skill, doing beautiful things often is hard work.


Life will inevitably have lows, find a good rhythm without complaining

Many people ask Black and White why you are so emotionally stable. Maybe it has something to do with a person’s character. Maybe it’s because I’m not a particularly confident person, so I always think about bad results in everything, and always prepare for the bad results first. All bad results have a plan, so naturally Nothing to worry about.

Once you have to win one thing, the pressure will become huge, and you can’t even exert your own abilities. Therefore, as long as there is a chance of encountering a bad outcome, you should prepare according to the limit, and your life will be easier.

Life will inevitably have lows, and the stock market must have bulls and bears. The rhythm is like this, and we must learn to accept it.

The mountains are high, the road is long, and the days are long. When you look at the world, you must also find yourself. Find your own rhythm and allow yourself to be a light.

When I was young, although I couldn’t do whatever I wanted, my heart was carefree, and an interesting thing could make you happy for a long time.

In school, the homework is very heavy, but the friendship is pure and you can make friends who don’t consider your interests.

After entering the society, there will always be some pressure in life, but at the same time, it can be full of vigor. You still have the energy to do what you want to do, and you can still have some expectations for your life.

When people reach old age, their actions become slow, and it is difficult to change the future, but the mind can be calm and can see the world more calmly.

A slight adaptation of a line from “The Comedy of the World”, the trough of the stock market is the growth stage of the hard-working people, the baptism of investment ideas, the priceless treasure of the capable, and the bottomless abyss of the weak.

The stock market, like life, may not be perfect at every stage, but there are also places that we can cherish and feel. Master the sense of rhythm you should have, don’t force it, don’t expect it, the whip of the stock market is whipped, and the happiness of life cannot be lost. That’s all for today, see you tomorrow.


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