The Limits of Stranger Collaboration

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Zeynep Tufekci, the author of “Tweet Club and Tear Gas”, reflects on his own experience in social movements and believes that it is too easy to mobilize people in the age of social networks, and neither participants nor organizers need to experience the training of organizing large-scale group movements, which leads them to “in the age of social media”. They lack the necessary tools to deal with the difficult political phase that follows.” And the old protesters needed long-term preparation, “coordination, planning, mutual understanding, decision-making… They had to build an organizational mechanism. The development of the sports day will help.”

Now everyone is concerned about privacy, but privacy and social movements are largely contradictory. You can’t build a Telegram group where everyone does their best not to reveal any personal information, and then expect this group to become a tinder. Mutual understanding is a must, so DAOs (Decentralized Self-Organization) that claim to “allow online strangers to collaborate securely” won’t be the answer either. Social movement is no longer a matter of controlling the watershed , you must first change from strangers to mature people.

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