The most outrageous official bug: VIP is automatically activated for up to 2 months after downloading. Is the developer lying flat?

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In the past two days, @Baye , the developer of Panda Eats SMS, has released a somewhat outrageous message: “I said why DAMA’s income has been so low in the last two months, almost close to zero… After reading the comments on other people’s Weibo, I found out that I Another serious bug. The new version released in June will automatically unlock the premium version after the user downloads it… It took me two months to find out that this bug really made me speechless.”

最离谱官方 bug:下载后自动激活 VIP 长达 2 个月,开发者这是躺平了? 1

DAMA is an iPhone application that can intelligently code pictures. It can automatically identify QR codes, mobile phone numbers, names, faces, card numbers, emails, long numbers, company names, place names and other privacy content, and automatically code to let the When you share pictures, you can protect your privacy.

DAMA – Automatic coding for pictures, intelligent identification of ID number, mobile phone number, face and other privacy content[iPhone]

How to say it? is a bit outrageous.

最离谱官方 bug:下载后自动激活 VIP 长达 2 个月,开发者这是躺平了? 2

Specifically, users who newly install DAMA during this time period will automatically activate VIP, worth 6 yuan, free of charge 🙈

最离谱官方 bug:下载后自动激活 VIP 长达 2 个月,开发者这是躺平了? 3

However, a new version was released this morning: “Fix the problem of unexpected unlocking of the premium version.” It was a surprise 😂

最离谱官方 bug:下载后自动激活 VIP 长达 2 个月,开发者这是躺平了? 4



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