WordPress 6.0.1 Simplified Chinese version causes the solution to fail the abstract interception

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Recently, I received feedback from theme users that the abstract interception function of the website has failed. Previously, the content abstract of the specified number of words could be displayed. After upgrading to the simplified Chinese version of WordPress 6.0.1, the abstract became the full text content: After investigation, the problem lies in the Chinese language. The package wp-content/languages/zh_CN.mo, that is to say, there may be some errors in the translation by the localization staff, resulting in the failure of the abstract interception of the Simplified Chinese version of WordPress 6.0.1. Temporary solution: Download the Simplified Chinese version of WordPress 6.0, upload the zh_CN.mo file in wp-content/languages/ (or click to download this file and extract the zh_CN.mo in it) to the wp-content of the website in question The /languages/ directory overwrites the file of the same name. Hope the Simplified Chinese translation contributors can update the translation as soon as possible to solve this problem! Disclaimer: All articles on this site, unless otherwise specified or marked, are originally published on this site. Any individual or organization, without the consent of this site, is prohibited from copying, misappropriating, collecting, and publishing the content of this site to any website, book and other media platforms. If the content of this site violates the legitimate rights and interests of the original author, you can contact us for processing.

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