The new third-generation Roewe RX5/super-hybrid eRX5 relies on the “Mount Everest” architecture to create five major advantages

The whole vehicle architecture is like the bones, heart and nerves of a vehicle, which determine the performance of a car’s handling, comfort and fuel economy. In line with the era of electrification, intelligence and networking, SAIC Motor has built the “Mount Everest” structure based on global standards, with core advantages such as “large bandwidth, ultra-comfortable, full power, high control, and ultra-safety”, which can be derived from A quality model with “evolution to electric drive and worry-free battery life” is produced. This world-leading vehicle architecture represents the height of SAIC in the mechanical age and the starting thickness of the intelligent age.


As a blockbuster model based on the “Mount Everest” architecture, the new third-generation Roewe RX5 has been comprehensively improved in terms of space, comfort, economy, maneuverability, and safety that users are concerned about, to meet users’ multi-scenario travel needs, with Come to a smart travel experience with trans-era significance.


Large bandwidth: 2765mm longest wheelbase in its class, 1890mm widest body in its class

The “Everest” architecture has a large-size wheelbase of 500mm, a combination of widths and a wheelbase of 150mm, which can realize the full inclusion and coverage of 9 series of cars, SUVs, and MPVs, ranging from compact to mid-to-high-end.


The vehicle based on the “Mount Everest” architecture is more efficient in riding space and can maximize the styling. The new third-generation Roewe RX5/Super Hybrid eRX5 has the longest wheelbase in its class at 2765mm and the widest body in its class at 1890mm, achieving a higher “room rate” and bringing users a more comfortable driving experience. Up to 1200mm of vertical space in the cabin and 388mm of elbow room on one side make the occupants more comfortable.

Super comfortable: “library-level” quiet experience

In terms of comfort, the new third-generation Roewe RX5/super-hybrid eRX5, the noise at idle speed is lower than 36 decibels, comparable to pure electric models, bringing users a “library-level” immersive and quiet experience.


At the same time, thanks to the optimization and upgrading of key parts, the new third-generation Roewe RX5 can achieve “coins not to fall” at the moment of engine cold start, interpreting outstanding NVH performance. At a speed of 120km/h, the front and rear drivers and passengers in the car can still communicate without barriers, and the voice intelligibility reaches over 75%, which is comparable to SUV models in the 400,000 price range of luxury brands.

Full power: worry-free battery life

The “Everest” architecture provides 10 power combinations of 5 types of engines plus automatic transmission drive systems and 5 types of engine plus motor drive systems through “dual-source multi-core”, bringing users a worry-free travel experience. The new third-generation Roewe RX5/super-hybrid eRX5 provides fuel and super-hybrid “dual-vehicle solutions” to meet users’ multi-scenario travel needs and achieve a comprehensive advancement of “super-sensing driving control performance”.


The new third-generation Roewe RX5 inherits the excellent genes of the “Double Top Ten” powertrain, adopts the new GS61 1.5T VTGI in-cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine and the new generation DM21 PLUS automatic transmission, and uses a number of luxury brand homologous technologies. The performance has been comprehensively upgraded, with a maximum horsepower of 188 hp and a peak torque of 300 Nm. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers under the NEDC standard is only 6.0L, the lowest in its class.


With the blessing of the super electric drive EDU G2 Plus, the new third-generation Roewe super-hybrid eRX5 has an acceleration time of 6.9 seconds from zero to 100, and the measured result by authoritative media is only 6.7 seconds. When fully charged, the comprehensive fuel consumption is as low as 1.4L/100km, and the NEDC comprehensive range is as high as 1050km, creating travel economics without mileage anxiety. Recently, Li Chenyang, a Chinese Roewe owner and the Guinness world record holder for fuel saving, drove a super-hybrid eRX5 with full fuel and electricity, and the measured range reached 1,483 kilometers.

High control: “magic carpet texture” is like walking on the ground

In terms of handling, the new third-generation Roewe RX5/super-hybrid eRX5 adopts a fully upgraded front McPherson and rear multi-link suspension layout, with professional and precise “master-level” chassis tuning, and a second-order 8~15Hz body. The frequency band design achieves excellent support and comfort, and can easily filter subtle vibrations, bringing users a “like walking on the ground” magic carpet texture and a “car-following” driving experience.


With a turning diameter of less than 11.4 meters, the new third-generation Roewe RX5/Super Hybrid eRX5 achieves better turning convenience and good turning passability. DP-EPS high-level steering system, supplemented by a comfortable-oriented steering feel design, is light at low speed and stable at high speed, achieving a smooth and comfortable steering experience.

Ultra-safe: developed based on the excellent standard of bilateral 25% small offset collision performance

In terms of safety that users are concerned about, the new third-generation Roewe RX5/super-hybrid eRX5 is designed and developed based on strict standards such as excellent performance in bilateral 25% small offset collisions, and pays attention to the safety of every driver and passenger.

The new third-generation Roewe RX5/Super Hybrid eRX5 is designed and developed based on strict safety standards

The proportion of high-strength steel in the whole vehicle is as high as 79%. Combined with the advanced collision load path design of high compatibility and high efficiency, through the design of the encircling shotgun structure, the design of the external splay load path, and the design of the ultra-high size buffer beam, the driving and riding are improved. Personnel bring comprehensive protection to escort safe travel.

Thanks to the comprehensive upgrade of product strength, the popularity of the new third-generation Roewe RX5/Super Hybrid eRX5 has continued to increase since the pre-sale started. A few days ago, the new third-generation Roewe RX5/super-hybrid eRX5 real car has arrived at the store, and users have started test driving, and will start delivery in August. It is worth mentioning that the new third-generation Roewe RX5 NGP intelligent driving version equipped with NGP intelligent navigation assisted driving and 11-speaker BOSE audio will be released in early August , so stay tuned. Users can make a one-click order through the SAIC Roewe App, Mini Programs, Douyin Live Room, Tmall Flagship Store and other platforms, unlock “8 major pre-sale benefits”, and enjoy a smart travel life.

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