The packaging of three squirrel deoxidizers was damaged and the pregnant woman ate it by mistake. The company responded: The consumer has not been contacted yet, and is willing to take responsibility

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 Titanium Media App reported on July 25 that some netizens said that after a pregnant wife ate half a pack of three squirrel nuts, she found that the deoxidizer in the food bag had leaked. In the video, the netizen removed a total of 3 packs of nuts, all of which showed leakage of deoxidizer.  On July 25, the three squirrels posted a response to "the packaging of the deoxidizer in the daily nut products is damaged", saying that according to the pictures in the video, the reason for the damage of the deoxidizer was caused by the misalignment of the photoeye during the delivery process. The company will follow up with suppliers to adjust the layout and re-confirm the position of the photoelectric eye in the design.  The three squirrels said that the main components of this deoxidizer are iron powder, silicon dioxide, activated carbon, water, edible salt, etc. As of 15:00 on July 25th, the company has been trying to contact consumers, but has not yet been in contact. The company is willing to actively cooperate with consumers' families to do health checks, and bear all costs and related responsibilities.

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