The same node in different processes

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△ 218|The same node in different processes

I don’t know why, the 500-day writing plan has reached the 218th day, and I always feel that this is a very “important” node, so I went back and checked the 200th day of the last 500-day writing plan. What did I write in 18 days – as expected, I wrote an article on that day under the music of a single loop, which later became the opening of “Magic Street on the Corner” .

During the five hundred days of writing this time, I have carefully observed my thoughts and experiences in each “platform period”, and then I realized that even after three years, in different processes, there are always those experiences at the same nodes. ——I have always felt that whether it is life or history, it is a cycle setting, but the total duration of each cycle is long or short. For example, a person’s life is a cycle. When he is born as a child without concepts and right and wrong, when he is near death, he will return to that child who does not need any concept of the outside world or any concept of right and wrong, and then he will die. Of course, history is also, for example, China, which is experiencing a certain political performance at this moment, is also a cycle of a certain point in the past that is not allowed to be mentioned.

I like the concept of circulation very much, and I traced back my memory of this concept, which should have been a novel written in junior high school. In a repeated story, a person constantly experiences superimposed cause and effect caused by his vain attempt to change his destiny-although the writing skills were still immature at that time, he seemed to have a relatively “brutal” understanding of the logic of the cycle. Although human experience is in a constant cycle, it does not mean that human life and hope will also be reset again and again in the cycle.

Of course, it is also because the rules of time are too cruel that people have various conjectures and artistic processing of time. But in the end, they are no match for the rules of time, so people find the same process at different times, trying to tell themselves that this is a circle, perhaps a repetition, and even comfort themselves that such repetition brings about A turn for the better, or push toward some kind of expected ending—it doesn’t come out, and then it goes to the next cycle.

I’m not an atheist, but at the same time a proponent of the alien hypothesis. Under the combination of the two, I think the world is a “testing ground” dominated by higher civilizations, and humans are just a “short-term master” in the long history of the biological laboratory on Earth. And that so-called higher civilization may be the “alien” we explain from a scientific perspective, but I think they should be higher, for example, “God” in a certain sense. Therefore, human beings themselves are not in a state of free development, but are pre-set in a cyclical cycle. It is like fluctuating a certain value, which changes the periodic wavelength of a certain event – just like Saturn has a 30-year cycle, and the 30-year time node is an important time point for human beings and historical civilization. The node is because it is preset with the rules of Saturn’s operation in advance. Correspondingly, some time wavelengths will be stretched longer to maintain a certain experimental data balance—such as global warming and the global cycle into the Ice Age.

Of course, because people’s lifespan as a single individual is very short, no one can prove all the periodic rules in this world – if people really discover the existence of these rules, does it mean “God” Does the experiment have to adjust the rules?

However, in these cycles, there is a similar bug – the sense of sight. That is, “it refers to a person who thinks that it is the first time to see a certain scene when he is awake, but instantly feels as if he has experienced it before” . Medicine has given an answer – but this answer also seems to be covering up the existence of some kind of bug. Medicine believes that it is just that when people experience a similar scene, their nerves stimulate the hippocampus, resulting in a phenomenon of déjà vu. But this truth is a perception that no one can resist. Perhaps there is a possibility that people have really experienced it in the cycle, just because the rules of this cycle have been removed or reset, so that people still retain the memory of the previous cycle.

There is not much practical significance to the discussion of loops. At least even if someone really answers the rules here, there will be first-level science as an explanation, rejecting the “superconscious” answer that people shouldn’t have, and keeping it in the scientific values ​​and operations. The “good” rule for everyone.

After thinking about so many less serious theories, I always have to return to the “cycle” of reality to end.

“You weren’t like this before!”

“Could it be that you’re not what you used to be, that you think I’ve changed.”

“I haven’t changed, I’ve never changed, it’s you who don’t love me more and more.”

“Isn’t love going to change, can you grow up a bit?”

“What do you mean I haven’t grown up, obviously you haven’t grown up yet, you’re still like a child.”

“Then if I’m still like a child, then I’m the same as before!”

“What do you mean, on purpose? You never talk to me like this before.”

“I can’t help you think so.”

“It’s not that I’m thinking about it, it’s that you are doing it wrong, you were not like this before!”

– “Love Cycle”

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