The solution to Rainbow Six Siege Crash abnormal error “System error, R6 game has crashed”

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Rainbow Six Siege Crash 异常报错“系统发生错误,R6游戏已崩溃” 的解决方案


This problem first appeared in Test Server (Y7S3), and an error was reported as soon as I started it, but the official server has no effect. I have tried restarting, re-downloading, changing disks, updating the independent display driver, updating the nuclear display driver, checking the website configuration, and closing Ubi Solutions such as cloud storage and closing Ubi overlapping games are all invalid. Then I asked the UP master who often sent test server videos before. He said that he also encountered this crash problem (“I tried to restore win10 win11, reinstall the bios, replace the memory, clean the driver, reinstall the vr library, and the reinstallation still does not solve the problem”) , and he said that the official server also encountered it (I have no problem with the official server).


Then I searched on Baidu, Google, Bilibili, and Reddit in both Chinese and English and found no effective solution. Basically, it was all cookie-cutter nonsense.

Finally, the UP master posted a video and finally some netizens posted his feasible solution.


“Last night, I downloaded the test server and prepared to go up and see the result the next day. When I started it, it said the game crashed and it couldn’t start. I uninstalled it and downloaded it again. It’s still the same. You really have Ubisoft [smile]”

“There is a solution at present, that is to go to the computer settings, adjust the language to the beta version, and then go in, the pro test is successful” “Start > Settings > Time and Language > Language > Date, Time and Regional Formatting > Management > Change system locale… > tick “Beta. Use Unicode UTF-8 to support global languages'”

Then I went to the settings and found that I couldn’t find it, and then copied this paragraph to Google and searched, and finally found that it was not at the beginning, but the control panel. And this bug is also an important part of the famous 1803 update.

The referenced related question link is B4%E6%96%B0/9d4afeb0-ee31-43ef-84ea-0a699a9cd272

where the solution is

We understand your issue about the Windows 10 display language becoming garbled,

You can try the following solutions first to see if it works:

Control Panel >> Clock and Zone >> Change Date, Time or Number Format >> Administration >> Language for Non-Unicode Programs,

Click “Change System Locale”, select the current system locale as “Chinese (Simplified, China)”,

And check “Bate version: use Unicode UTF-8 to provide global language support”, click OK, log out and restart.

If it doesn’t solve your problem, you can try the following solutions to switch your system display language and see if it solves your problem:

“Win+R” to open the run, type: explorer shell:::{BF782CC9-5A52-4A17-806C-2A894FFEEAC5},

Open the language setting interface of the control panel, click “Add language”, find “English”, click “Next”,

Select the language version you want to add, for example: English (United States), click “Add”,

After the language pack is installed, still in the language setting interface of the control panel, click “Advanced Settings”,

Set the “Replace Windows Display Language” to the installed English, and restart your computer to complete the system display language change.

Then install the same steps to switch back to Chinese and see if it works.

So in Control Panel-Clock and Region-Region-(Change Date Time or Number Format)-Administration-Language for Non-Unicode Programs-Change System Locale-Tick Beta


Then restart the problem and the problem is solved.

This time in addition to Thank you Ubi should really add a Thank you Microsoft.

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