The WeChat public account run by the advertising company fabricated “English will withdraw from the stage of primary schools”.


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 Titan Media App reported on August 25 that recently, the Shanghai Internet Information Office found that the WeChat public account "Shanghai Parents" released "Shanghai Education Commission: Officially implemented from September 1!" It is related to the examination arrangement, English will withdraw from the stage of primary school! And further clarify the course arrangement, the end time of the class..." article, saying that "English will withdraw from the stage of primary school", which has attracted a lot of attention. The Shanghai Internet Information Office and the Municipal Education Commission interviewed the person in charge of the official account according to law. The person in charge of the official account admitted in the interview that the above false information was fabricated by himself, and he did not seek verification from the authority. In accordance with laws and regulations such as the Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Services, the Provisions on the Administration of Information Services for Internet Users' Public Accounts, and other laws and regulations, the Shanghai Cyberspace Administration ordered it to issue an apology statement and stop updating it for 15 days.

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