The work order efficiency is so low, why choose the work order service?


Why do you think work orders are inefficient?

When communicating with voice chat and IM, the work order system is a product in the form of “question and answer”, which inevitably results in that the message reply is not so timely. It is also difficult for you to make a wave of voice calls like IM. Students answer. But, does this mean inefficiency?

Not necessarily, we feel that voice calls and IM communication can improve efficiency because as much information as possible can be delivered to each other in a short period of time . But this is not something that only voice calls and IM communication can provide. In fact, we can use the asynchronous communication method well, and in the same way, we can even better transmit information. It is because you use the ticket system as an IM system that causes inefficiency.

What is the usage of a good ticket system?

The asynchronous communication and reply of the work order system is ineffective, but correspondingly, it also forces us to add enough context in as few messages as possible to help the work order service personnel to better assist us in inspecting the problem. For example, attach the conditions and code of the problem, provide information to help the other party locate, and provide a way to reproduce (does it sound familiar? We are also required to provide as much information as possible when submitting issues in the open source community). When we provide as much information as possible, we can make the work order system work better, transmit information better, and solve our problems.

Thinking of Global Optimum and Local Optimum Caused by Work Orders

Starting from the work order system, I thought of another topic – “global optimization and local optimization”. We often say that we should pursue the global optimal solution, not the local optimal solution. For example, Tencent stops a certain business that is not so good at business. Obviously, from a local perspective , this is not an optimal solution for the students who are responsible for the corresponding business. But for the company level, releasing manpower to do more valuable things is the best solution.

Why choose Work Order?

Compared with voice call/IM communication, what are the advantages of the ticket system? Although voice communication and IM communication can easily transfer information, they are not helpful for information precipitation and reuse. In fact, users do not actively search in the history.

You will find that users do not actively search for historical problems, they prefer to directly ask the problem and wait for it to be solved. In this case, the service carried by the work order system can naturally provide different and more powerful capabilities to help oncall students to solve the pressure of service.

Work orders are not perfect

Of course, the current work order system can’t achieve the best we want. For example, in my opinion, there are still many things that we have not done, such as automatically recording the path of the user entering the oncall page (so that oncall students can directly Know which module the user has a problem in), automatically record prompting the user to select a service id (so that the user does not have to remind the user to enter the service id every time), and automatically provide possible responses based on the information entered by the user.

It can be seen that there are actually many gaps that have not been dealt with. It is these things that have not been handled that make the current oncall system look less beautiful. But you and I both know that things are always evolving, and being bad doesn’t mean he can’t make things better. Allowing engineers to provide oncall directly can make services better, but it is not an optimal solution in terms of business sustainability, cost optimization, and continuous product iteration.

The customer service system is actually a standard product. We will see a series of customer service systems such as ZenDesk,, Intercom, etc., all of which are providing services. From a certain point of view, this verifies that the customer service system/work order system correctness of direction. A good customer service system should allow users to get help quickly (such as automatically helping users search for problems), so that engineers can focus more (such as better summarizing the solution of problems into experience).

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