The world’s first monthly limited edition digital collection

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Pinwan, April 24th, according to 36Kr report, China’s lunar exploration project has released the world’s first monthly digital collection of soil, with technical support provided by Baidu Super Chain.

The digital collection of lunar soil is limited to 1,731 copies in Baidu App and Xiaodu App, respectively, paying tribute to the 1,731 grams of real lunar soil brought back by Chang’e 5. It is reported that the digital collection of lunar soil is based on the real lunar soil brought back by Chang’e 5. The technicians use a microscope to magnify about 250 times and then extract local scans to generate digital images. It is the world’s first combination of extraterrestrial samples and cutting-edge technology. product.

Previously, at the end of 2020, Chang’e 5 successfully completed the automatic sampling of the lunar surface after 19 hours of lunar surface work, and brought 1,731 grams of lunar samples back to Earth.

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