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In 2013, because the middle school in our town was too far away, I enrolled in a middle school in a neighboring town. In fact, the middle school in Lingzhen was also quite far away, but it was relatively close. I grew up in the mountains, and there is no road. It took me an hour and a half to walk to the side of the road at the fastest. When the weather is bad, it will be even slower. The mountains in Chongqing are no more winding than the north. When I was a child, I walked to school every day. I have to walk this road, because it is small and slow. It takes 2 hours to walk to the road every day, and another 1 hour to the school. I am lucky to meet the master who drives the tractor, stop and let us jump into the dumper for a little load. As we started our journey, we did not forget to shout, “Hold on tight, don’t let it fall!” The road was full of potholes, and we were tossing and turning in the tractor’s tipper. A few friends were very happy and didn’t forget to get out of the car. Stand in a line to give the master a Young Pioneer salute.

When I was in junior high school, my mother was worried that I would live alone on campus and live independently, so I rented a single room in the town for me to go to school for 800 yuan a year. After several setbacks, he sent rice and wine to the head teacher of the primary school in the town, and then transferred his sister, who was in the second grade of primary school in the commune, to study in the town.

After school every Friday, the three of us would go home. We finished school at 4 pm on Friday, and it was dark at 8 pm. We were still walking in the mountains and didn’t get home. I know that the old people in the village haven’t slept yet. It’s probably dinner at this point. My grandfather is one of them. , I heard from my mother that my grandmother left before she passed the door, and she never even saw what her grandmother looked like. But the relationship between my mother and my grandfather is also not good. I don’t know the specific reasons. In my memory, I only know that the two of them often quarreled. Several times my grandfather chased my mother away. I would put the leftovers in a pot to keep warm, let my sister and I come back from school to eat, and then go to work in the field. Once I brought my sister home after school, the pot was taken out by my grandfather and dumped in the yard. Seeing that our brothers and sisters had no food to eat, I quarreled with my grandfather again. The next day my mother walked a few miles to the brigade to borrow a phone and called my uncle who was contracting a construction site in Wenzhou. My father worked under my uncle, My uncle told my dad about the phone call. My dad went to take the train the next day, but the train was slow at that time, and it was 45 days after returning home. My dad was also a little bored, and he didn’t say anything when he came back. I just vacated a small room, built a stove in it, and asked my grandfather to go there to make a fire to cook. Since then, we have each eaten his own way, but often when my mother cooks, I will ask my grandfather to come and eat. Grandpa also likes to play with his temper. He will not come after calling him once. He has to wait for someone to call him a second time. Since this incident, my dad has never traveled far, and he is doing odd jobs near his home. .


Three years in junior high school, I don’t have any memories. I’ve always been a stuffy gourd. When I talk to girls, my ears get red and I stutter. I don’t know what I said afterward, and I will repeat it in my heart. I also made a few friends, thanks to the school’s use of a group system for learning, 8 people in a group, put together the table to form a large table, and several friends are also members of the group, because in a group, it is inevitable to discuss often , became acquainted over time. But I can’t recall a few people now. I can only think of Ajie, Ahuang, Xiaoling, Xiaocui and Yanzi. Ajie and I entered the county’s vocational high school after graduating from junior high school. I went out to work, and I came back to get married soon after. I asked my mother for 500 yuan as a gift, and I have no contact with Ajie since then. Ah Huang met once 6 years ago. I went to that town to get a haircut, and I met Ah Huang shopping, and there was no further contact. Xiaoling’s grades are the first in the class, and since the junior high school dispersed, I have lost contact. I don’t know when, I thought of Xiaoling, and when I went to look for her QQ, I couldn’t find it. Xiaocui also went to vocational high school with us. She majored in aviation, Ajie was in architecture, and I studied computer, which was hard to come across in school. Later, Xiaocui joined the student union, inspecting the class in the morning and arresting in the playground. Students who arrive late are often encountered. After Ajie dropped out of school, I also joined the student union, because the members of the student union were all from the aviation class at that time. All of them were beautiful and were preparatory students for flight attendants, so I signed up for the student union. There was a long line of people. I should have been eliminated based on my language skills and longevity, but when Xiaocui saw me, she told the president to open the back door and hired me. The president is also Airline. The monitor of the class is also from one of our middle schools. Yanzi was the monitor of the class in junior high school. She was a well-behaved and sensible girl, and she was also my first love. Her family situation is a bit bad. Her parents are divorced. She lives with her father, but her father is drunk and doesn’t care about her. Fortunately, Yanzi has many friends and studies well. After graduating from junior high school, she was admitted to the county’s first high school. , Yanzi also encountered some difficulties in No. 1 Middle School, and often confided to me. One night, Yanzi sent me a message, “Xiaocui told me that you like me in junior high school, is it true?” I still have a lot of courage to speak face to face. Besides, I don’t know if I like it or not. I can only say that I have a crush on it. I haven’t seen each other much since high school, so this feeling disappeared. After thinking for a while, I replied with a simple “um”. After a long time, Yanzi sent another message: “Wait for me for 7 years. If you still like me in 7 years, we will be together.” Did not reply to her. One night a month later, Yanzi sent another message. She said that she had left school and did not want to go back to school. I asked her what happened. I plan to go to work abroad. I want to persuade her, but I have no ability, and I don’t know how to comfort her at the moment. Yanzi sent another message: “Can you come to the county seat to find me? I have nowhere to go.” I was dumbfounded, I didn’t know what to do, I lived on campus in high school, it’s past 10 pm now, the school has a curfew, the school It was set up next to the train station again, and it was necessary to take a shuttle bus from the county seat. Seeing that I didn’t reply, Yanzi sent another message: “I know you can’t come, so don’t worry about it.” I’m sorry, but in the end I could only persuade Yanzi to go back to school first. , be careful not to run around.


I don’t have much memory of what happened after that. I only know that Yanzi went to work in the city. I also gave up 3+2 in the second semester of high school and entered an electronics factory with a few high school classmates. I only made two friends in high school. , Xiaobo and Xiaoya are also friends who can still be in contact with today. The three of us have entered the same electronics factory, which is an internship company arranged by the school. In the first semester, Xiaobo and I were assigned to the same assembly line. Xiaoya is very lucky When I got to the material staff, I didn’t come to the assembly line. There were two companies that were doing internships in the second semester. The company with good welfare was selfishly distributed to girls first, and there was only one place left. It was Xiaoya’s friend who didn’t want to go to the internship. When it was vacated, the intern teacher told her that she could find someone to replace the place, so Xiaoya found me and asked me if I wanted to go. I was more brotherly at that time. If I went to that company with Xiaoya, then Xiaobo would get the bad one, so I replied Xiaoya not to go without thinking. In the end, Xiaobo and I went to Inventec, Xiaoya went to Haier, and that place was given to Xiaojiang, another male student in the class. In high school, Xiaojiang shared a dormitory with me. He had a lot of bad habits, and he had no reputation. He also likes to be rude, and he likes to be cool in front of girls to show himself. This quota has been given to him, and he has not slept for three days and nights.

After the internship, we all went back to our respective homes. All the students who were willing to stay in the company and become regulars stayed in. Xiaoya also stayed in Haier. She is still there and has never seen each other again. Xiaobo followed the villagers to many places, went to Jinhua to make wine, went to work on a construction site in Sichuan, worked as a foreman in Henan, and finally got together with Xiaolan from the next class and gave birth to a daughter. I stayed at home for a year and learned a driver’s license. Later, I couldn’t stand my mother’s nagging. After the Spring Festival in 2019, I followed my uncle to a shoe material factory in Chongqing. They have worked here for more than 10 years, and I also followed them. It’s all physical work, and that’s what I came here for. Staying at home for a year, I gained a lot of weight, but I’m too lazy to exercise, so I just find physical work and see if I can lose some weight. My appetite has also increased. At first, I was very restrictive. Later, every time I was working, I was hungry before meal time. On a certain day off, I suddenly received a message on my mobile phone. I opened it and saw that it was from Yanzi. I asked him how things were going. Looking back, I haven’t contacted Yanzi since then. At the head of the bed, she replied, “Everything is fine, I haven’t been in touch for so long, how are you?” Yanzi replied, “I have nothing to do, I just want to talk to you about something.” I asked her, “What’s the matter? ?” Yanzi said: “Do you still remember the agreement 5 years ago?” I thought for a moment, it was a month before Yanzi quit, she asked me to wait for 7 years, that 7 years, it should be her When she graduated from college, she wanted to come because she didn’t want to let her emotions affect her studies, but unfortunately she had to leave the school a month later because her home was not available for school. Like 5 years ago, I replied with a simple “um” in the past, and Yanzi came back: “I want to tell you, this agreement is invalid, right?” In my opinion at the time, there was no agreement that I particularly cared about. , I didn’t expect that she would always remember. If she didn’t mention it, I would never remember it again in my life. Seeing that I didn’t reply, Yanzi sent another message: “You have never looked for me for so many years. During that time, you were not there, did we have feelings between us?” At this moment, I realized how unbearable I was in the past, spending all day with my mobile phone, forgetting one important person after another, and worrying about me. I have no face to talk to Yanzi, let alone meet those old classmates, I picked up my phone and typed a lot of words and deleted them, and finally replied, “I’m sorry, I have been indifferent to you for so many years, this agreement It’s useless.” Yanzi replied, “Well, now you are free too!” Then they asked each other some daily things, and ended the conversation, and there was no further contact.


My current girlfriend, A Ying, I met in the game, because everyone loves to play games, and there are more common topics. However, A Ying and A Ying are in a long-distance relationship, but our personalities are compatible, and we are both socially afraid. I’m afraid there is another social fear, that is, super social fear, but it doesn’t seem to be that bad. A Ying went to college in Changzhou, one year younger than me. When I was working in Chongqing, I would fly to A Ying’s place on May 1st. We played in a different city for a few days, and we made an appointment to meet in Nanjing. It was the first time that the two of them met, and they didn’t feel unfamiliar. They were exactly like two people who were always together. Come to play with me. At this time, both of us were in pretty good shape. After the Spring Festival in 2021, I came to Nanjing to find a job. We moved in together, and then the two of us started to gain weight. One day Yanzi sent me a wedding invitation through a group message. She was getting married. I didn’t reply to her this time. I didn’t have the face to see her, so I didn’t send a single blessing…

Occasionally back in Chongqing, I will get together with Xiaobo. He is now married and has a good life. Xiaoya is still working in Haier. Because of her long working experience, she has reached the management level. From time to time, she still asks me to go back to Chongqing to eat hot pot. I want to quit my job, but I don’t know what to do. The others have not been heard from, and the social accounts have not been able to find their existence, and gradually faded out of my memory. Today, Yanzi sent another message. She said that she dreamed of me last night, and I don’t understand the reason. It can make people dream of a person who has not seen each other in 8 years. She replied “haha, so amazing”, and then Yanzi cross-examined where I worked, why I ran so far, and so on, and finally asked if my sister was about to go to college, I replied: “Already old. It’s two.” Yanzi said, “Is it so fast? I didn’t expect it to be so long.” Yes, it’s been so long. When I was in junior high school, my mother wanted to find a part-time job in the town in order to be diligent and frugal. The student dormitory, she goes to sweep the floor that has been built every day and so on. During the parent meeting, Yanzi saw my mother, Yanzi lives on campus, and passes by the new dormitory every day. To say hello, my sister who is in elementary school sometimes goes to see my mother in the morning and afternoon after school, and Yanzi can meet her when she goes back to the dormitory to rest in the afternoon. I ended the chat with Yanzi, I don’t know if the next chat will be in a few years, or, there will be no more contact.

July 31, 2022 Nanjing

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